Guys, You Can Now Stay In A Floating Underwater Resort!

By Natasha Van Der Laan
13th Sep 2017

Guys, You Can Now Stay In A Floating Underwater Resort!

Just when you thought Dubai couldn’t get any more extra, they’re opening yet another epic attraction. The city is about the open its doors to a… wait for it… floating underwater resort. And yep, it deserves a top spot on your travel bucket list.

The Floating Venice is all about having an “authentic Venetian experience” in the Middle East. The floating resort (it’s technically a boat) will showcase Italaian-esque designs. We’re talking staggering domes much like the Basilica San Marco as well as gondolas and not one, not two but 12 floating beaches. Dubai, you crazy.

The resort will also feature an underwater deck, restaurants, bars and boutique shops. And the best part? The five-star rooms will be surrounded by a vibrant coral reef and ALL the sea creatures that live there. Rest assured, The Floating Venice will also have a coral nursery to help preserve the local marine life.

While underwater resorts can also be found in the likes of Fiji and the Maldives, this luxe new opening is the world’s first underwater vessel resort. We suggest you start saving your pennies now because it’s set to open in 2020 and you’re gonna want to be there (and so do we!).

The Deets

What: The Floating Venice
Where: The World islands, Dubai
When: Opening in 2020
For more details, click here.

Image credit: The Floating Venice

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