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5 Healthy Meal Prep Ideas For Lazy People

By Millie Lester
15th Feb 2018


Sometimes it can be easy to just lob half a block of chocolate and an unripe banana in your bag while you’re zombie-ing around in the kitchen each morning before inevitably missing your train. But, put simply, this is a fast track to being one of those parents who packs their kid six packs of Cheetos and a $20 note for lunch each day at school. So, we’ve come up with a few simple meal prep ideas to help transform you from a lazy moll into an organised, health-conscious gazelle.

So here are 5 healthy lunch ideas to help steer you away from blocks of Cadbury Black Forest next week.

1. Chicken Pho

Chicken Pho is a great work lunch meal because it’s super easy to make in bulk, outrageously good for you and it’ll make you look fancy AF at the office. Try this recipe here—it makes pho for six, which means you’ll have enough for the entire week.

Hot meal prep tip: make sure you have a microwave at work to heat up the pho soup. Also, pack the soup separately to the rest of the ingredients in order to keep everything as fresh as poss.

2. Sushi Doughnuts

If you want to get even ~fancier~ and/or ridiculous, consider sushi doughnuts. They’re basically just premium sushi rolls, plus they’re super fun to make and will send all your coworkers into a jealous rage. You can find a great recipe for tuna and salmon sushi doughnuts here.

Hot meal prep tip: if you’re the kind of person who can’t eat leftovers two nights in a row, consider switching up the ingredients in your sushi donuts so lunch at work every day still feels fresh and exciting.

3. Poké Bowl

Poké bowls have taken the national food scene by storm over the past twelve months. Why? Because they’re bloody delicious, as well as easy to make. If you’re not sure what they are, just think of deconstructed sushi in a bowl. Delicious. You can check out an easy poké bowl recipe here.

Hot meal prep tip: try and rotate the ingredients every couple of days. It can be easy to get bored of grated carrot.

4. Pumpkin Soup

In the cooler months, cold rice dishes probably won’t cut it. One thing that will is a steaming bowl of pumpkin soup - the nostalgic way to the hearts of millennials all over the country. This winter classic is a super easy dish to make in a bulk AND a super delicious dish to eat in bulk. You can find an insane recipe for it here.

Hot meal tip: Make A LOT. Then fill five plast containers to put in the fridge, and freeze the rest for when your next pumpkin soup craving hits, because it WILL. Alternatively, you can make a couple of different soups and swap between them throughout the week.

5. Pork Banh Mi

For those of you who just love a good sammich, an old fashioned banh mi will certainly get you across the line. They’re super cheap to make, super good for your bod (if you don’t go too crazy on the salt) and really filling. You can find a great recipe for authentic one here.

Hot meal prep tip: pre-prepare all the ingredients on a Sunday night but don’t build you banh mis until each morning. That’ll avoid anything getting too soggy or stale.

Hungry for more? There are a heap of other recipes right here.

Image credit: Jess Prince

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