Heston Is Coming To Melbourne To Give You Free Food

By Bianca O'Neill
15th Feb 2016

heston is coming to melbourne

Did you blow $525 of your hard earned money on the Fat Duck pop up last year at Crown? You're about to regret that decision imminently.

Over the weekend, Australia's favourite reality cooking show, MasterChef, announced that they would be bringing old mate Heston Blumenthal back to Melbourne for their upcoming season—and this time around, he'll be dishing up free food. Yep, you can get your hands on some Heston for nada.

We suppose there's a catch, because of course there is: hopeful diners will have to solve clues that will be posted across MasterChef Australia's social media accounts to find out where each pop up will be located, then battle the ravenous hoards for some free nosh. Judging from the difficulty of booking a $525 meal last year when the Fat Duck reservations were unleashed online, this is going to be a lil bit mental... 

"Coming on MasterChef Australia over the years has always been amazing fun, but this time, out of the studio and into this great foodie city that I love, popping up with MasterChef Australia, is even more exciting," said the famous chef, while host George Colombaris tells us it'll be an experience "you'll remember forever."

The Heston-pocalypse starts in early March. Time to stock up on running shoes, fat pants, and an RSS feed of the Masterchef Facebook page.

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Photo credit: Eseller

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