Melbourne’s Best Hot Chips

By Sarah Kempson
12th Aug 2013

A seagull doesn't distinguish between a 'fry' and a 'chip', and so, neither will I. Scouting some of Melbourne's best fried potato, I've discovered spuds of all shapes and sizes, with various degrees of crispness and crunch, together with lashings of salt or a side of sauce. However you like yours, here's my pick of Melbourne's best hot chips. Squawk, squawk*.

The Grosvenor Hotel, St Kilda East
No list of Melbourne's best hot chips would be complete without these bad boys. Cut into oversized cubes of fluffy goodness, the hand-cut chips are triple fried to perfection, giving them the elusive crispness so many others lack. I couldn't stop at one bowl and neither will you. With aioli, $9.
Where: The Grosvenor Hotel | 10 Brighton Road in St Kilda East
Contact: 03 9531 1542

Honey Bar, South Melbourne
Honey offers two varieties – fries or beer-battered chips – and you can't go wrong with either. The shoestring fries are crunchy, golden, and put McDonalds to shame, and while the beer-battered thick-cut chips lack the crispness of the fry, they make up for it in flavour. With aioli and tomato sauce, $8.50.
Where: Honey Bar | 345 Clarendon Street in South Melbourne
Contact: 03 9696 3311

Cider House, Fitzroy
Nothing goes better with a good ale (be it beer or cider) than a good hot chip. The Cider House offers four varieties, so you can match whatever your pallate desires. Shoestring or sweet potato fries are good, but duck fat roasted chips or oven-roasted potato skins are better. Spoilt for choice! With sauce, $9.50.
Where: Cider House | 386-388 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy
Contact: 03 9415 6142

Lounge, CBD
Reminiscent of your childhood, Lounge serves seriously good, salt-laden hot chips of the crinkle-cut variety, or wedges tinged with a distinct smoky bacon flavour. The special fry sauce is the antidote to the salt and you'll want to drink a litre of water after finishing the whole bowl, but it's worth it. With sauce, $8.50.
Where: Lounge | 243 Swanston Street in Melbourne
Contact: 03 9663 2916

Fonda, Richmond
If you like a little spice on your spuds, the fat chips at Fonda are fabulous. The smoked chilli flavour isn't hot but it does pack a tasty bite. Paired with the chipotle aioli and your favourite Mexican dish, or alone with a cocktail, these fries are great for when a plain chip won't cut it. With aioli, $6.
Where: Fonda | 248 Swan Street in Richmond
Contact: 03 9429 0085

Out of Town…
White Salt Fish and Chippery, Phillip Island

Hand-cut chunky style hot chips make this gourmet fish and chippery the best outside of Melbourne. When looking for traditional fish and chips, White Salt will deliver and then some. Best when done with your favourite fish in beer batter, eaten by the beach.
Where: White Salt Fish and Chippery | 7 Vista Place, Cape Woolamai
Contact: 03 5956 6336

*Disclaimer: My cholesterol was not harmed in the making of this column. Obviously I can't eat ALL the fried potato in Melbourne – these are my favourites! Share yours and I can try them too ?

Image Credit: Pinterest

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