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How To Celebrate National Burger Day In Melbourne

By James Shackell
28th May 2017


Happy National Burger Day! Or is it Merry National Burger Day...we can never remember. Whatever—today is Australia’s day of the burger. The one day of the year where you should feel zero guilt about ordering some disgusting triple stack with extra cheese (what the hell, chuck a croquette in there while you’re at it). We’ve already rounded up the city’s most OTT burgers, if you want to celebrate in style, but there are also a bunch of deals, specials and events running today that burger fans need to check out.

Put on your Burger Boots and pack your stretchiest pants. Here’s everything you need to eat on National Burger Day in Melbourne.

Dandenong Market Burger Party

Dandenong Market is throwing what can only be described as a burger orgy today. From 10am – 3pm today there’ll be limited-edition burgers (everything from a schnitzel burger to a sushi burger), a Freak Force burger challenge, burger passports, burger thrones and the chance to WIN a year’s supply of burgers. Phew. What else? Oh yeah, the more burgers you eat, the better your chances of picking up a $500 voucher to the Dandenong Market.

Deliveroo’s Bespoke Burgers

Deliveroo has teamed up with some of Melbourne’s biggest burger names to design and deliver bespoke burgers, and today is the last day you can get your mitts on ‘em. New York-style burger joint Brooklyn Depot has designed the Holy Cow (a milk bun stuffed with beef vindaloo, cucumber raita and a bloody pappadam) and 8 Bit is throwing down The Gauntlet (TWO double-friend chicken pieces, double bacon and homemade chilli BBQ sauce). Order via the app or find more info here.

Neil Perry’s Favourite Burger

It’s no secret Neil Perry loves a good burger, and today he’s adding his favourite to the menu at Burger Project. It’s going to be available for the whole of June. What does one of Australia’s best chefs consider to be the pinnacle of burger technology? Good question. It starts with a 36-month Cape Grim Tasmanian grass-fed beef patty (technically the cow was fed the grass, but let’s move on), then you add American cheddar, sliced onions, house-made pickles, tonnes of bacon, rose mayo and a dollop of Burger Project’s secret sauce. Order it today and you also get a FREE chips. Score.

The Big Mac-aron

Get the joke? It’s a macaron burger, and you can get it today only at The Grosvenor Hotel or the St Kilda Burger Bar. Created by Daniel James (of Daniel James Patisserie), this thing is made from an aerated dark chocolate ganache ‘patty’, coconut Chantilly ‘lettuce’ and grilled banana marshmallow ‘cheese’, You can even add ‘ketchup’ (raspberry pate de fruit sauce) or ‘mustard’ (mango gel) if you want to get a little fancy. It’s borderline IP theft, but who cares, it tastes bloody good.

Spiked Burgers At Tommy Ruff

Tommy Ruff Fish Bar will be dishing out ‘spiked’ burgers today, in lieu of the traditional hamburger. We’re not sure what they’re spiked with exactly. Possibly flavour. It’s a Southern-fried Barramundi fillet with pickles, a crunchy slaw, coriander and smoked chipotle mayo, all sandwiched between a big old milk bun. If beef and bacon aren’t really your speed (and if that’s the case we suggest re-evaluating your speed) check it out. Yours for only $10 bucks.

Vegan Burgers At The Alley

If you haven’t heard of The Alley, St Kilda Rd’s new vegan comfort food extravaganza, you need to move out from under that rock. It’s been shaking up the city’s vegan scene, dishing up burgers and fries that even hard-core carnivores describe as ‘surprisingly good’. Today they’re doing a special 100% plant-based double cheeseburger and wedges for the cheeky price of $15.95. Just because you’ve got a conscience doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the burger fun, right> You do you, baby. 

Want to wrap your mouth around something truly epic? Here are Melbourne's most OTT burgers.

Image credit: Dandenong Market

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