How To Survive A Melbourne Winter

By Rachel Lay
2nd Jun 2017

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There’s something to be said about an Australian winter and the accompanying pride we get when our UK pals share screenshots of their 20 degree heatwaves. In the grand scheme of things it ain’t so bad, but once the mercury drops under 20 degrees, we lose our collective shit and go into survival mode.

The electric blankets come out, gloves become essential, hot chocolate is mandatory, and, basically we have NFI what to wear because warmth is key but socks and thongs isn’t exactly “a look.”

Since we’re used to an aussie winter, we’ve teamed up with well-versed winter aficionados, Uniqlo, to bring you this nifty little guide to surviving winter in Melbourne.

Enter: HEATTECH. It’s designed to keep you warm AF, but without the bulk. For us? You shouldn’t have! This clever little fabric uses Japanese technology to retain heat to make sure you stay toasty all winter long. HEATTECH clothing comes in extra-warm too, for those early morning dog walks, and it even comes in ultra-warm because, skiing.

So, to get you prepped for the impending big chill, here are our top tips for surviving a Melbourne winter.

1. Find a super cute Airbnb in the Dandenongs and hibernate, waking up only for mulled wine and ridiculously beautiful hikes.

2. Stealth layering is key. HEATTECH means you can pick your layers to suit the indoors, outdoors, or extreme conditions (all while being super thin)—what a nifty little fabric!

3. Start sitting in the Z-Class tram stairwells (the commuter pros know that’s where the heat comes from).

4. Journey to the tram feel like a trek through Antarctica? Add thermals under your jeans to get rid of that chilled-to-the-bone feeling. You’re welcome.

5. Or, add a knit under your dress to make for some Alexa Chung-style layering with a hint of being a full-blown practical adult.

6. …then ditch the knit when you get to the office to discover the thermostat is set to 30 degrees (and still look stylish).

7. Pretend it’s still warm by rugging up and braving the St Kilda foreshore. (Pro tip: there are 456% less crowds in winter). 

8. Then hit up I Love Pho for sweet, delicious warm pho afterwards.

9. Beating the need to wear 17 scarfs to the footy because you're sitting at the top of the southern stand (at the altitude usually reserved for passenger planes) by getting your adult on and booking tickets in advance. 

10. Melbourne is a confused soul in winter—the mornings will be brisk (read: icy), but step into the sun and you’ll be sweating, so layer up people.

11. Take a hot yoga class—if only to stay warm—because heating is expensive and everyone knows summer bodies are made in winter.

12. Single headedly change everyone’s minds on that whole “leggings aren’t pants” debate by transitioning from yoga to work (or a bar, who are we kidding?) in chic outfit change. 

13. They are pants, obviously.

14. Don’t be fooled by the sunshine streaming in your window every morning. This is Melbourne’s cruel joke. Trust us and keep rugged up.

15. Obviously, get out of the city and experience a real winter with snow. Mt Hotham, we’re looking at you.  

16. Hit the snow armed with layers. Knits and thermals are your friends, here.

17. Stock up on black, black, and more black…because what’s winter without dressing head to toe in black?

18. Spend hours researching ‘Melbourne’s Best Pho’.

19. Winter is the season to enjoy wine. Did we just make that up? Yes, BUT, the vineyards truly come alive in winter and give us all of the European vibes. 

20. Layer up and get your adventure on. Like these hikes, for example. 

21. Winter is undeniably the best time to go camping. There are no mozzies (thank the lord!), you can rug up, you get to toast marshmallows, and you won’t even be that cold if you remember to (say it with us now!) layer.

Winter, who? Suddenly got the urge to revamp your winter wardrobe? Try Uniqlo’s HEATTECH range right here.

Image credit: Dave Wheeler

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