How To Survive The First Week Back at Work

By Iro Kotsimbos
13th Jan 2015

Ughhh, holidays are over. Christmas is long gone. New Year’s is nothing but a memory. As quickly as the silly season came around, the first week back at work came even quicker, donchathink?!

By now most Urban Listers are back at it (lucky, luckyyy you if you’re still maxing and relaxing!), which is why we thought it was vital to everyone’s health, wellbeing, and mental state to put together a guide on how to combat those back-to-work blues.

From treading and shredding to turning to our old friend Joe, here are our tips on how to survive the first week back at work. Go get ‘em Listers!


It may be tempting to continue your holiday sleeping pattern of going to bed whenever the heck you want, but trust us, you’ll feel it during your first week back. Sure it’s a slightly nanna tip, but if there’s a time to get 8 hours sleep a night, it’s definitely the first week back at work – it’ll make dealing with the post-holiday blues much, much easier!


If all else fails, turn to good ol’ coffee to get you through the first week back. That said, purchasing a cup or two of joe each day of the working week adds up, so we highly recommend stocking up on some coffee beans and getting your barista on at the office. Roasted to perfection at their onsite coffee roasting facilities, Griffiths Bros are our go-to for top quality coffee beans and blends, plus tea, chai, hot chocolate and more. Their schmick new online store makes ordering a breeze; alternately you can stop by their Mulgrave bean store, leading supermarkets or specialty grocers to get your coffee bean fix.


One of the best ways to distract yourself during the first week back at the desk is to distract yourself with exercise. Our latest fitness obsession? The high performance, high intensity pilates and elliptical classes at Xtreme Pilates X in Fairfield – man oh man, these classes are hardcore but SO WORTH IT! The 25 minute classes are long enough to have you working up a sweat (trust us, a real sweat) but not so long and torturous that you’ll never want to go back…in fact, don’t be surprised if you become addicted! If pilates aren’t your thing, there’s heaps more fun workouts out there – our guide to the hottest fitness trends of 2015 is sure to inspire you!


They say that laughter is the best medicine, or at the very least, key to surviving your first week back at work. We cannot tell you how many times we’ve already watched this drunk owl crying out for attention, this Latino cat soap opera, and these #thuglyf animals. Stupid? Yes, definitely. But if those videos don’t make you laugh then we don’t know what will!


We don’t know about you, but when we’re looking for a distraction we often end up thinking about food (surely this comes as news to no-one!). Put down your pens for a minute or two and plan your lunches for the next week courtesy of our guide to the 51 best cheap eats in Melbourne, along with 100 of Melbourne’s best cheap eats to try in 2015. Dig in!


The final cure for post-holiday blues? Start planning your next holiday, of course! Perhaps a trip to one of the world’s best nude beaches is in order? Not your cup of tea? Our guide to the 10 cities to visit in 2015 will surely give you a little bit of travel inspo. Ready, set, book!

There you go, Listers! Our top tips on how to survive the first week back at work!

Image Credit: Img Kid

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