There’s A Massive Second-Hand Fashion Market On Bayside Next Weekend

By Sophie Hodges
16th Oct 2018


Shopping second hand can be tough. Not only are you rifling through clothes to find decent quality pieces, but you’re also trying to suss out what pieces will still be in style. 

Well, Hunter Markets is making your second-hand shopping experience a whole lot easier, and it's back on this month.

The market features stalls from various social media influencers. And look, as much as it pains us to type that sentence, at least you know the pieces are legit and still very much on trend.

Bit of history. Founder Sarah Kokkinos started Hunter Markets when she was 18 years old. The markets were a way for her to “create a safe space for young girls to express their personal style and meet their favourite influencer, then taking home something from their wardrobe.” Makes sense. 

For one day, Hunter Markets allows influencers to set up stalls and sell their pre-loved (and more often than not, unworn) clothing, footwear and accessories. The October market features Ruby Brownless and Chantelle Price, with more influencers to be announced. 

So what else can you expect on the day? Sarah says, “Hunter Markets is a fun, feminine filled space. There's always good music, good coffee and good thrifty finds.”

Another key factor for Sarah was minimizing the impact fast fashion can have on the environment, “I think we need to get rid of the idea that buying new is better. Better for what? The environment, no. Better for your wallet, hell no! Better for your personal style, probably not.”


What: Hunter Markets
When: Sunday 28 October, 9am to 2pm
Where: 10 Balcombe Road, Mentone 
For more info, click here

Speaking of summer fashion, Skwosh just released a new SS18 collection, and it's looking pretty funky. 

Image credit: Jamakassi

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