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In Case You Weren’t Aware, Meat Donuts Exist In Melbourne

By Ben Tyers
8th Apr 2017

hot meat donut dexter

In what could be the greatest innovation in food and beverage consumption since the addition of chocolate to milk—the crafty crew at Dexter has introduced us to the meaty, sugary, jammy stylings of the Hot Meat Donut.

In the Hot Meat Donut, Dexter could have just created the ultimate weekend snack, perfect for after the footy or just if you’re feeling a bit peckish after a day of having to put on and take off your jacket over and over because Melbourne still can’t sort its weather out. The donuts are filled with tender brisket meat, come with a brisket jam, and are coated with sugar and paprika.

They’re convenient, they’re delicious, they’re $4.50 for one or grab 3 for the bargain basement price of $12, no regrets.

There are other meaty donut delights throughout Melbourne, find out all about them here.

Image credit: Dexter

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