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Introducing ... Hot Tub Cinemas!

By Ella Stening
5th Dec 2013

What happens when you fuse two things that are impeccably cool stand-alone concepts? Like waterproof iPhones. Or infinity pizza. Or chocolate bubble-wrap. You touch Nirvana, that's what. But most of these pairings are sadly unattainable, or not so crash hot in reality (chocolate bubble-wrap totally melts and infinity pizza makes you fat). However, some folks wouldn't accept no for an answer, and picked two things that made them undeniably happy, combined them, and created one of the best things I've ever heard of in my life.

Hot Tub Cinemas.

And it's coming here! Yes here! Melbourne, here!

Forget sticky cinema cushions and screaming children throwing popcorn at you from the back row, #thefutureisnow.

What started in London last year as a single hot tub and a lonely rooftop projector, has expanded to sixteen hot tubs, two screens, an epic sound system and some alcohol thrown in for good measure, The sure-fire combo of bikinis, booze, bubbles and big screen magic will be premiered at The Prince in St Kilda, and hosted by pop-up perfectionists, People's Market! It'll all kick off on the 20th December at 3:00pm with clear skies and frosty longnecks, long enough for you to wet your whistle and get comfortable for an 8:30pm kick off.

If you are legitimately terrified of having to semi-strip and share a tub with strangers, you can book the sun lounge for recliner-style viewing, but if you're a water baby, book a tub for you and five mates. Or grab an individual tub all to yourself if you're thinking you might meet the cinema goer of your dreams. Tickets by Dash Tickets are available online or through their Facebook page, but be quick, as watching the Goonies while submerged and sipping bubbles is an unsurprisingly popular concept for novelty-loving Melburnians.

The full list of movies showing will be released imminently on their website, but in celebration of the unveiling, we thought we'd share our favourite silver screen moments in jacuzzi history. Don't say we never do anything for you guys.


When you need to wash the day's load of drugs and blood off your glorious gangster body, the only way to do it is in your custom made hot tub. Tony Montana glistens with his cigar in his self-indulgent golden tub, complete with ornate statues of mermaids, and permanently installed bucket of champagne.

Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts singing in the nud. Nuff said.

About Schmidt

Kathy Bates in the nud. Not the same.

Classic hut tub action in Scarface. Image Credit: Time Entertainment.

Van Wilder – Party Liasion

For all those whose hot tub experiences are only made better with the accompaniment of their pet bulldog, this is the movie for you.

Charlie Wilson's War

Like any true American senator, Tom Hanks soaks up the foam in his hot tub surrounded by, cough, hard working American citizens.

American Beauty

Mena Suvari sizzles as the unattainable girl next door for Kevin Spacey, in her bath tub full of rose petals. Perhaps we could beg the Hot Tub Cinema to allow a BYO petals policy for those who are keen for a reenactment?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

What we would give to have access to the Prefect's bathroom, and consequently the swimming pool bath tub that boasts a hundred different taps all oozing different colours of water and bubble streams that are the stuff of dreams. This is one tub we'd like to enter, if only we could remember the password...

Back to School

Having gone to college myself, having my own private jacuzzi in my dorm was something I didn't dare dream for fear of being deflated when it was deemed impossible. Thus, my college buddies and I were restricted to ogling Rodney Dangerfield's bubble tub that heralded praise from frats and sororities worldwide. P.S. It's also worth a watch for hair inspiration – the bangs on those girls!

Tequila Sunrise

This takes the cake for the corniest soundtrack accompaniment to a sex scene known in the history of cinema. Michelle Pfeiffer and Mel Gibson definitely put the hot in psychotic in this racy crime thriller.

Hot Tub Time Machine

A malfunctioning time machine at a ski resort takes four stuck-in-a-rut blokes back to 1986, where they must relive a fateful night and not change anything to make sure that one of them is still conceived. Time travel, toilet humour and a frequently appearing hot tub, what's not to like?

Dumb and Dumber

One of the most pivotal scenes between Lloyd and Harry takes place in a love-heart-shaped tub, whilst they're sipping beers and musing about an ex-girlfriend. This scene also gave us all permission to take the sexy' out of hot tub connotations, and made it entirely acceptable for us to rent out a motel with our best friend so we could drink beers in the bath together.

Austin Powers – International Man of Mystery

Who could possibly forget that chest full of luscious growth when Austin and Alotta Fagina got down and dirty in the tub? This is also the origin of the original 'Hot Tub Limerick', so when someone does the unthinkable in the Hot Tub Cinema tub, you will have the soundtrack to complement it.

Hot Tub Cinemas | 2 Acland Street in St Kilda
Season begins 20th December
Visit Website & Facebook for further information

Main Image Credit: Roxanne Lowit, Three Models in a Tub, Paris, 1990. Courtesy of That's Cool.

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