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Everything You Should Know About Kanye’s Album, Fashion Label… And Video Game Launch?!

By Clare Acheson
12th Feb 2016

kanye west yeezy season 3

Well, the Yeezy circus came to Melbourne this morning, and if you were one of the lucky fans who snapped up a ticket to the Hoyts’ screening you’d have to agree that he did not disappoint. From a full stream of his latest album, ‘The Life of Pablo,’ to his Yeezy Season 3 fashion collection launch – live streamed from New York’s Madison Square Gardens – we saw rappers, rants, nipples and matching Kardashian outfits. Everything you could want at 8am on a Friday morning, really.

Missed it? Here’s everything you should know about Mr West’s newest projects.

The Album

Let’s be honest: It’s almost hard by now for Kanye to make a mediocre album, given the sheer magnitude of talent that’s at his disposal. Yeezy strode into a packed-out MSG flanked by a posse of musicians, with Pusha T, Travis Scott and a bevy of other incredible artists at his side. Within minutes of ‘The Life of Pablo’ kicking in, Chance The Rapper jumps on for a verse or two, only to be followed by Rihanna, Young Thug, Future and Frank Ocean. #Squadgoals anyone?

With gospel backing singers and catchy sample-driven hooks, ‘The Life of Pablo’ is more palatable than Yeezus, but it’s the guest appearances that really deliver. If you’re looking for a ‘who’s who’ of current rap royalty, this is it.

Ye’s own beats and lyrics are on point too – at times compressed and punchy, at others, sparse feel-good gospel vibes take over - and somehow he manages to make it all fit in nicely with a bunch of epic Kanye-isms:

“Me and Taylor still might have sex / Man, I made that bitch famous”

“I impregnate your mind / we have a baby without fucking”

“Fashion show in Gotham, I need another costume / PETA's mad ‘cos I made a jacket outta possum”

…and, last but not least:

“What if Kanye made a song about Kanye / Called 'I Miss the Old Kanye' / Man, that would be so Kanye / That's all it was Kanye / We still love Kanye / And I love you like Kanye loves Kanye”

Hilarity? Genius? Ye'-ception?! Who cares, it sounds freakin’ good turned up loud.

The Celeb Crowd

Yes, the entire Kardashian family arrived in matching white fur outfits. Better yet, Vogue editor in chief, Anna Wintour, was seated next to them (to Kimmy K, specifically) and looked as if she was enjoying the experience about as much as a wisdom tooth extraction. Lamar Odom, A$AP Rocky, Gigi Hadid and some other model folk, Lil Kim (in an outfit that is so Lil Kim it hurts) and Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing all turned up for the K-West fest too. Huzzah, celebs for all!

The Clothes

Kanye launched his third fashion collection, snappily titled Yeezy Season 3, which was modelled by a cast of models plucked from both agencies and an open casting (which is where anyone and their nan could turn up and audition to be part of the Yeezy mob). Carrying on from previous seasons, men were in style-savvy combat gear and streetwear - parkas, hoods and sweatpants - and women were in skintight bodysuits, tube dresses and knits. Everything felt utilitarian, as if built for a very Kanye apocalypse, or for urban nomads who are, like, really, really into technical knits.

As for key themes? Nipples, fur coats, military-grade boots, Perspex heels and more nipples. Still, we’d wear it… Well, most of it. Maybe we’d throw a bra on, just to be on the safe side.

Star moment: When Naomi Campbell turned up half way through the show in a black fur coat, posturing awkwardly. You go girl.

The Video Game?!

You guys, KANYE MADE A VIDEO GAME. And it’s about his mum’s ascension to heaven on the back of a winged horse. We kid you not. Titled ‘Only One,’ the simulation that Ye screened – TWICE! – was one of the most bizarre moments of the evening’s proceedings. There wasn’t even a segue into how the game fitted into the show or album, because it didn’t: Kanye just out-Kanye’d himself, grabbed a mic, demanded that a tech guy press play, and so the world was introduced to a CGI version of his mum flying through sunbeams and angel-clouds.

The General WTF Is Happening…

Look, it’s a Kanye production, so it obviously wasn’t going to play out WTF-free. Of course, the video game was a big WTF, but ‘WTF of the night’ has to go to the general ending of the show, when Yeezy made a brief speech of thanks, dissed Nike, talked abut Kim's Vogue cover again, and invited his mates to play a song from their phones via an aux cord. So #profesh. Travis Scott dropped a newish track, Vic Mensa played something, Kanye played bits of the album again, and nobody seemed to know (or care) what was meant to happen next.

The Social Media Feedback

Twitter was made for events like these, and commentary about the models was top-notch. Check out our fave Tweets below…

Image credit: Twitter @teamkanyedaily

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