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Where to go for Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne

By Emma Bangay
20th May 2014

For some, excessive hair on the arms, legs and other unmentionables means that long sleeves and pants are imperative 24/7, 365. Which is fine, now, but in summer? Not so much. So de-fuzz pronto! Winter is a great time to address excessive or wayward hair growth as the pigment cells are less active, so you can basically kick that down production when it's down. 

Here's my pick of where to head for the best laser hair removal in Melbourne.

Erase Clinic | Malvern

In the Malvern Mecca of shopping, svelteness and skin Zen, sits Erase Clinic (nestled beside KXPilates and Organically Grown... get the picture?). A humble exterior belies a hotbed of anti-ageing treatments and laser, all of which are executed with much aplomb and professionalism. 

Having treated unsightly hair growth on the faces and bodies of Melburnians for over 13 years, this crew know their way around a wayward follicle. Or several. There are various methods of removal on offer depending on the individual needs, density, pigment and hair colour and all are executed by clinicians who hold Bachelor in Science Degrees for Dermal Therapies and probably for discretion, too.

The Skin Institute | Brighton

So you want to feel like a beauty when you're looking a bit more, um, beast? This is your pad. Decked out in Moroccan glass mirrors and white upon white upon white, whiteness, The Skin Institute is so serene and chic you could be forgiven for thinking you've drifted into a Disney fairy tale. Until you feel the subtle sting of the laser…then it's a little more George Lucas. 

In saying that, comfort is key here and a holistic, organic and chemical-free pulse beats at the centre of this spa-like space. Plastic Surgeon, Dr Keith Mutiner oversees the establishment so that each and every client can feel 100% confident they are getting the best care and expertise – especially through the clinic's signature laser hair removal procedure, ProWave. The added benefit of a handheld hair removal device means that large areas can be treated accurately and easily. 

Victorian Dermal Group | Kew

When it comes to the East, the epitome of all things aesthetic is The Victorian Dermal Group, wedged seductively within the heavily-trod private school route. Needless to say, the door spins open and shut on high rotation with freshly primped, plucked and plumed locals. 

The only practice in Melbourne that uses the highly prized oracle of de-fuzzing – the Candela GentleMAX® Pro laser technology – this hair removal hotspot caters to every skin type through a personalised treatment plan designed to address unwanted hormonal facial and body hair, in the short – and long – term. The use of medical grade lasers here is said to supersede the results of IPL, enabling personalised, targeted treatment right down to the root of the problem.

Epilase Laser & Skin Clinic | Hawksburn

Have a little bit of deforestation to be done, but not a lot of cash? Then Epilase may be your best option, as they don't charge clients for the area to be worked on, but rather the time taken to do so. This personalised approach takes place in a comfortable, safe environment using the LightSheer Diode Laser that has a strong reputation for reaping desired hair-free benefits on all types of skin and hair. 

A high intensity light source selectively targets the pigment in the hair, disrupting growth and strength without adversely affecting the surrounding area of skin. Based on studies, an average hair loss of approximately 80% is achieved after 6 - 10 treatments with an interval of 4 - 6 weeks between, and treatments start at $45.

Laser Hair Removal Melbourne | Melbourne

Everything older – established and reputably untainted – is new again in Laser World, with devotees continuing to flock to Melbourne Laser and Aesthetic Centre to be de-flocked. A pioneer in IPL, this spot has been in the CBD for over 20 years, so it's gone the distance whilst still keeping up to speed with the safest and most effective hair removal techniques. These include IPL and various laser options to suit pale, alabaster beauties through to Afro-American skin types – and all the tones in between. 

Catering to all causes of exacerbated hair growth, be it hormonal, hereditary or simply untamed and awry, a treatment plan can be completed upon consultation, and still give you time to check out H&M if you're lucky.


Main image credit: Alexander Terekhov, Pinterest. 

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