The World’s First Matcha Pavlova Is Here

By Millie Lester
31st Mar 2017

Just when you thought Melbourne couldn’t get any more Melbourne, premium chocolate brand—Chokolait—has seen your traditional boring pav, and raised you one handmade, world first Matcha Pav.


Local chocolatier, Chokolait has been dominating the local cocoa-confectionary scene since it was first opened by Ross and Mirianna Harvey a decade ago. With a simple philosophy of ‘making the finest genuine Belgian couverture chocolate, handcrafted cakes, desserts and premium quality beverages’, the duo have fought its way, one truffle at a time, to claim a top spot in the local foodie network.

This time, however, the choccie traditionalists have strayed from the books to bring Melbourne not only a dessert it wants, but a dessert it NEEDS—the Chokolait Matcha Pavlova. This luxe dessert is the perfect fusion of iconic Australian desserts with contemporary viral food trends, and the result couldn’t be any more delicious.

And in even better news—Chokolait Matcha Pavlova is baked fresh daily in their Emporium store.

Image credit: Supplied by Chokolait

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