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Meals on Wheels & Movies | Coburg Drive-in Food Truck Festival

By Pip Jarvis
27th Jul 2014

We love a good food truck as much as the next person but those icy winter nights can be quite the deterrent. Problem solved, people! This Wednesday, the Coburg Drive-in Food Truck Festival is kicking off, with all your favourite food trucks on hand for you to enjoy from the comfort of your car while watching a new release on one of the largest screens in the southern hemisphere. Wowsers!

Gather your friends, blast that car heater and take your pick from Melbourne's finest food vendors on wheels. Old faithful, Mr Burger, will be there pumping out good ol' classic burgers (including vegetarian options). Senor BBQ will be bringing the spice with their Argentinian style barbeque, and for some Asian flair Nem N' Nem Vietnamese Hawker Kitchen will be warming winter bellies. The flavours of the world are at your fingertips, or car bonnet if you will.

Tickets are $17.50 each or $40 for a carload (to be clear that's 5 people not however many people you can squish in like a clown car). You can choose between watching the rofl-worthy Sex Tape starting Cameran Diaz and Jason Segel if you're in the mood for a giggle, or the epic Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to get that blood pumping. Either way, snuggle up with your dates or mates and enjoy the ride.

Is there any better way to put an end to hump day than to kick back, watch a flick and dig into some of the best food you've ever had from the back of a truck? We think not.

Coburg Drive-In Food Truck Festival
Wednesday 30th July | From 5:30pm
Visit the website for info & bookings

Image Credit: The Nifty Fifties

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