Melbourne Gets World’s First Crumb Cafe!

By Clare Acheson
1st Apr 2015

We’ve had toast cafes, we’ve had cereal cafes, and now, Melbourne is getting the world’s first crumb cafe! Cleverly titled Oh, Crumbs!, the venture is set to bring the art of crumbing to an as-yet to be disclosed Carlton premises later this month.

Specialising in servings of crumbs inspired by classic Australian dishes as well as the latest foodie trends, Oh, Crumbs! will introduce Melburnians to an alternative way of experiencing foods that they already know and love. The change in texture, intensity and even serving style of each crumb dish all contributes to a new way of imagining snacking. Used to biting into a TimTam? It’s a whole different experience when you’re crunching down on a spoonful of crumbs!

The crumb servings at Oh Crumbs! are designed to be petite, served on small plates, in ramekins and in glassware. Our top menu picks include a cup of toasted golden parma crumbs, the plate of Lamington crumbs (topped with crumbed cacao and coconut—yum!), vegan pan-crisped kale crumbs seasoned with celery salt and sesame, and the shredded cured bacon crumbs, which come served on a butcher’s chopping board.

While the crumb café owners are particular about what drinks can be enjoyed with each crumb dish (they'll be serving only still and sparkling water, so that the emphasis is on the crumbs themselves), how you eat your crumbs is totally up to you:

‘We’re anticipating the lick-and-stick method will be popular, where people lick their fingertip to pick up the crumbs, or the shot-glass method, where diners might down a whole crumb portion in one. A variety of spoons, tweezers and straws will be on offer so that our customers can eat their crumbs however they want,’ say the team behind Oh, Crumbs! café.

Opening week will see the launch of several crumb classics. We hear there’s even a crumb version of a flat white, which uses nitrogen freezing techniques (yup, the same as at The Fat Duck) to solidify Melbourne’s favourite coffee before crumbing it and serving it dry in a take-away coffee cup. Caffeine in crumb form?! We can’t wait!

Oh, Crumbs! is set to open at the end of April—follow The Urban List on Facebook for more information about this ridiculous April Fool’s prank cafe that doesn’t exist. Gotcha!  

Image credit: CookinCanuck

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