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Melbourne Is Getting A Bingo Rave (Yep, Really)

By James Shackell
27th Apr 2017


It finally happened. We finally hit peak Melbourne. Bongo’s Bingo, a half-bingo, half-rave phenomenon from the UK, will be landing in Collingwood at the end of June. Just to clarify: it's a Bingo night that is also a rave. You’re not reading that wrong.

It’s fair to say you can leave Gran at home for this one, unless your Gran happens to be a raving legend. This isn’t the ‘Legs 11!’ style of bingo you see in movies. It’s more the dancing-on-tables-with-glow sticks variety. Sydney is getting the first Bingo session on 23 June (the swine), presided over by the guy that started it all: Johnny Bongo. We kind of hope that’s his real name.

It’ll be landing in Melbourne the week after (sadly Johnny won’t be making it this far south). There’ll be bingo, raving, bingo and raving, plus competitions to win everything from cash prizes to a bloody Hills Hoist. Because who doesn’t want to carry one of those home from Collingwood on a Sunday morning…

Stay tuned for the official DJ line-up—it’ll be dropping in the coming weeks, along with pre-sale tickets. Watch this space.

The Details

Where: Collingwood Town Hall
When: Thursday 29 June
For more info, head here.

Image credit: Bongo's Bingo

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