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The OTT Burgers You NEED To Eat On National Burger Day

By Brennan Lukav
25th May 2017


The time has come, people. This Sunday 28 May is National Burger Day, and the ONLY way to celebrate the best food in the world is to order something truly epic.

An epic burger does not contain just a single patty. There should be at least three patties, stacked end on end and covered in cheese. Bonus points if you can fit multiple animals in there at once. And of course, it’s not a truly epic burger unless your first reaction is ‘Holy Sh*t’, followed by a quick calculation about how you’re going to fit that much burger into the average human-sized mouth.

So here it is: we hired Melbourne's best burger blogger, Burgers of Melbourne, to track down everything worth eating on National Burger Day.  

Blue Marlin Special | Blue Marlin Fish and Chips

Caroline Springs

This old fish and chip shop recently got a fresh lease on life, thanks to a new management team. The team’s first priority: make ridiculous burgers. The young, fresh approach has turned a dying business into one of the best burger joints in the West, and Blue Marlin is now pumping out some damn tasty burgers. Add an extra patty to the Blue Marlin Special for the ultimate burger celebration experience. 

The Reaper | Burger Business


Minutes away from Victoria University in Footscray, Burger Business is a hidden gem that you’d drive straight past nine times out of ten. With outstanding flame grilled patties on milk buns and crispy AF bacon, the Reaper (which started off as a special) is now a regular menu item. If you’re looking for something epic in Footscray, this is it.

BK Special | Burger Kitchen

Moonee Ponds

Beef patty, chicken schnitzel, bacon, chips, cheese Sauce and more… this thing is called ‘special’ for a reason! This beast of a burger has everything needed to celebrate in style. While you’re at it, you may as well order a serve of Burger Kitchen's loaded waffle fries with mac n cheese (yep, really).

Triple General | Dandenong Pavilion


One of the first specialised burger menus in Melbourne, the Dandenong Pavilion is where it all started for the owners of Grand Trailer Park and Royal Stacks. The General has been a long-time favourite and one of the most popular burgers at the D-Pav, but a double patty burger just isn’t epic enough for national burger day. Up the ante and make it a triple. You won’t regret it.

Triple Cheeseburger | Famished Wolf


Talk about a hidden gem. The Famished Wolf is smack bang in the middle of industrial Braeside. From the outside (and even, if we’re being honest, from the inside) you wouldn’t expect much from this place – but never judge a book by its cover, because their Triple Cheeseburger is up there with the best in Melbourne. We suggest pairing it with a side of loaded fries and a can of their finest Coke Zero (because #dietgoals).

Double Atomic with Mac n Cheese | Grand Trailer Park


You can’t have an epic burger list without the burger I created at Grand Trailer Park only a few weeks ago. This is how it went down: I took The Atomic, which is a standard burger on Trailer Park’s menu, then I added an extra patty, a mac n’ cheese croquette and a side of cheese cause over the top. HOLY shhh%$#$%tttt—national burger day eat your heart out. Just tell them Brennan sent you.

Double Cheese Burger | Juanita Peaches


There really is not a lot to fault with this burger. Everything comes together in a cheesy harmony of musical fusion. House-made buns, house-made pickles, perfect beef blend and a sauce that is mouth-watering. When things are done right, they’re just done right, and Juanita Peaches knows what's up. Side the burger with some fried chicken and a donut, because you’re an adult and nobody’s stopping you.

Double Cheese Burger | Leonards House of Love

South Yarra

Their double cheese burger was recently voted one of the Top 5 Burgers in Melbourne for 2016, so no National Burger Day celebration would not be complete without a trip to Leonard’s 70s-inspired love shack. Everything works with this burger. It won the award for a reason. 

Detroit Double Deluxe | Mocha Joes Burger Bar

Glen Waverley

MJ Burger Bar is making a big noise in the Glen Waverley area, and they recently installed heating and covers, so it’s become a year-round burger destination. Good times. The Detroit Double Deluxe is the biggest burger on the menu, and to be honest nothing else even comes close. If you want to celebrate National Burger Day in style, you have to go all out.  

The Big Cheese | New School Canteen


New School began by trying to accommodate both the health conscious AND the ever-growing burger community. But that didn’t really work. So they scrapped the smashed av’s and the breakky menu and go 100% in the burger direction. The Big Cheese is bigger than it sounds, but all the elements are cooked to perfection. If you’re up for a challenge, add fried chicken to this baby to get the ‘Holy Sh*t’ reaction from everyone at the other tables. You’ll feel like a living legend.

16,000 Skips | Skipping Girl Takeaway


Why is this burger called 16,000 skips? Because it will take 16,000 skips to burn all the calories consumed. Skipping Girl Takeaway have won multiple awards for their burgers and triple-fried chips, justifying their place in our National Burger Day round-up . Poutine is new on their menu, and the wall of sauces needs to be seen to be believed. This burger is a doozey though: three patties. three slices of cheese and three pieces of bacon. Go big or go home

Double Kick Ass Mac n Cheese | Three One 2 One


Another of Melbourne’s official Top 5 burgers for 2016, the Double Kick Ass Mac n Cheese burger is loaded with actual mac and cheese (none of this put it in a croquette and fry it). Three One 2 One just pour it over the top and let it ooze all the way down the sides before smashing a bun on top.. To wash down this epic burger, you cannot go past one of their crazy milkshakes – burger and shake combo on point.

Triple Up | Top Bun


On the menu they call this the Double Up, but we went the extra mile and added another patty (you just have to put in a special request). If less is more, just think how much more MORE will be, and at at $15.95, the triple is an absolute bargain. Not a whole lot of seating at Top Bun though, so go early to avoid having to wait for a table. 

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Image credit: Michele Jarni | Leonard's House Of Love. Words by Brennan Lukav, aka Burgers Of Melbourne

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