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Melbourne’s Best (Classy) Happy Hours

By Ellen Seah
26th Feb 2016

melbourne's best happy hours

Conjuring images of questionable cloudy glasses and neglected sticky floors, happy hour doesn't always get the best rap in Melbourne. But when you’re strapped for cash (and when are we not??) and need a night out, don’t settle for that cramped little excuse of a bar. Have a budget-friendly, classy night out with the best happy hours in Melbourne.

#1 Son In Law, Collingwood

Melbourne’s favourite chilled Thai restaurant, Son In Law, offers $8 cocktails from 5.30pm-7pm everyday—meaning dinner and quality pre-dranks are sorted.  

#2 The Gem Bar And Dining, Collingwood

Specialising in Texan-style BBQ meat, if meltingly tender pork spare ribs with a $3 pot, $6 pint or $12 jug doesn’t sound perfect to you, what have you become?! Happy hour at The Gem is from 5pm-7pm on weekdays!

#3 Forester’s Beer and Music Hall, Collingwood

Repeat after me: fifty beers on tap. Fifty, as in five zero, at Forester's Beer and Music Hall. There are $5 Moon Dog Craft Brewery love tap schooners, $5 wines, $8 millionaire margaritas and $10 Espresso Martinis 4pm-6pm, everyday. Boom.

#4 The Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy

If it’s simple you want, simple you shall get. Fitzroy local Evelyn Hotel is home to $3 pots and $6 pints of tap beer or cider, 5pm-7pm on weekdays. There are some pretty (wildly) decent tunes too.  

#5 The LuWOW, Fitzroy

Too cool for tiki-themed cocktails? No one is too cool for The LuWOW's $10 Mai-Tais until 9pm, everyday Friday and Saturday. No one.

#6 G&Tea Gin Garden, Fitzroy

Making gin waves in Melbourne, G&Tea Gin Garden offers $5 tap beer or cider, $7 gin and tonics and $16 cocktail jugs from 3pm-6pm everyday. There are cakes and savoury dishes too, for when the inevitable gin hunger high hits.

#7 Tom Phat, Brunswick

$10 cocktails? $5 wines and beers? Everyday from 5pm-7pm? Why bother going into the city when there’s punchy Asian flavours and dirt-cheap cocktails at Tom Phat, we ask.

#8 The Last Jar, CBD

It doesn’t get much cosier than The Last Jar, but if you’re really keen to settle in for the night, Fridays see $6 pints of Guinness, Kilkenny or Carlton Draught available from 5.30pm-6.30pm. Um, yes?!

#9 Campari House, CBD

One of Melbourne’s best hideaway rooftops, Campari House (rather generously, we think) offers $10 cocktails from 4pm-7pm every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s the best house in Melbourne, hands down.

#10 Mr Mason, CBD

One of the best relaxed drinking spots in the CBD, this French-inspired bistro on Collins caters well to the after-work crowd with $6 beers, wines and sparking from 5pm-7pm Monday to Thursday. Friday night sees Mr Mason's selection of $12 cocktails or $30 cocktail jugs, just to get things started.


A rustic, Nordic-themed bar in the heart of the CBD, head to DuNORD’s happy hour with $12 market price cocktails, $7 wine De Jour and $8 pints from 4pm-6pm on weekdays. It keeps everyone (and we mean everyone) happy.

#12 Glamp Cocktail Bar, CBD

This African-themed cocktail bar gets one big, Urban List-y tick of approval! Dim, warm and oh-so colourful—jump into Glamp Cocktail Bar for $10 cocktails everyday (EVERYDAY) from 6pm until 8pm! 

#13 Prahran Hotel, Prahran

Now here’s one drinking hole where you won’t wait hours for a seat! With an almost ridiculous variety of gorgeous seating, Prahran Hotel sweetens the deal with $3 pots of Carlton draught, $6 pints of Carlton draught and $5 house wine and glasses of sparkling every Friday from 5pm-7pm.

#14 The Vic Bar, Abbotsford

There are so many happy hours at The Vic Bar, we honestly don’t know where to begin! Maybe $5 boags pints, $16 cider jugs, $10 espresso martinis and long island ice teas 6pm-9pm every Friday and Saturday…

#15 The Richmond Club Hotel, Richmond

Sunday night might not be the smartest day to go out, but at The Richmond Club Hotel, it is definitely the cheapest! Think $7 sailor jerry’s, $5 glasses of house sparkling, $14 Bulmers Ciders jugs and $20 cocktail jugs. And, most important, $5 tacos all day. HELLO?!

#16 Fortify

Armadale's newest French-fusion bistro is doing what could be the classiest/messiest happy hour of all: $1 unlimited champagnes. That's as many champers as you like, for $1 each. Dear god, think of the hangover...

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Image credit: Jenna Fahey White for The Urban List 

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