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Melbourne’s Best Food Hacks For Lazy Foodies

By Ellen Seah
26th May 2016

For those who don’t always see eye to eye with their kitchen, we feel you. We’re banned from getting too close to the stovetop too... 

In the depths of winter when you refuse to venture outside, or you’re trying to rekindle your delicate relationship with your kitchen, here are the best food hacks—for lazy Melbourne foodies.

For Meals From Your Favourite Restaurant

Between your job, your social life, and your general ability to successfully adult, who’s got time to cook? Especially when your kitchen seems determined to maul and/or cause you permanent damage. Between Deliveroo, Foodora and the newly launched UberEATS, you have access to all your favourite Melbourne restaurants without having to change out of that never-washed onesie.

Expect the likes of cheesy Bolognese from Meatball & Wine Bar, soul-warming Pho from Hanoi Hannah, or healthy takeaway from Patch Café—and don’t forget a few tubs of Messina, since you're getting everything delivered anyway. 

For Wholesome Speciality Cooked Meals

As great as eating out (constantly) can be, sometimes all you crave is a home cooked meal. Luckily for you, there are plenty of Melbourne-based companies who understand that some of us require a fridge filled with fully stocked, microwave-friendly meals.

The ultimate hack for the time poor (or just plain lazy) is to have Gourmet Dinner Service sitting in your ‘favourites’ tab. Prepared by experienced professional chefs, the delicious and hearty meals are made and then snap frozen for freshness. You’ll get a chilled box with your order, ready for you to heat up and add your favourite side (unless you’ve ordered those too!) The chicken and leek pie is our pick.

Dineamic Foods in Camberwell is paving the way for clean, pre-prepared meals that won’t break the calorie bank. Think prawn and chorizo paella or Tuscan vegetable risotto. Just like your hubby’s home cooking, only a lot better.

Collingwood’s Fred Gets, gets us. Sometimes we crave nights filled with an entire bottle of red wine and litres of ice-cream, and other times we need something that vaguely contributes to our macro goals. Offering delivery (with online ordering to come), Fred Gets stocks wholesome salads and snacks like housemade pumpkin and tahini loaf.

An Urban List office favourite, a shopping spree at Prahran’s Dish’d will be the easiest grocery shop you've ever done. Load up on healthy, pre-made meals like salmon and pearl couscous or prawns in persillade sauce. Dinner has never been easier.  

With meal plans designed according to your needs (the Cleanse range is perfect post-summer), Eat Fit Food boasts Insta-friendly meals you can pretend you totally cooked from scratch. No one has to know.  

For foodies who actually cook 

There are heaps of companies that will dutifully deliver a specialised, fresh grocery box for foodies who are too lazy to make it to your local grocer. But Tucker Street boxes promise tailored groceries for three hearty meals, and recipe instructions with no more than six steps. From the Stevie box for meat lovers to the Finn box for pescetarians, we don’t think cooking can get much easier. Meals also serve two, so bae doesn’t steal food off your plate. 

If you want to shop local and know where your groceries are coming from, but can’t lose an hour to actual, physical grocery shopping, head to Your Grocer. Delivering grocery boxes from your favourite local butchers, bakers and roasters, you’ll get the same produce for zero the effort.

Keen to support local farmers? Skip past the middle man and order your favourite cuts of meat, fresh fruit, and dairy from Aussie Farmers Direct. You'll have extra time to Netflix binge, which can only be a good thing. 

Need more takeaway options, you couch potato you? Check out Melbourne Takeaway Goes Gourmet.

Image credit: Gourmet Dinner Service by Michelle Jarni for The Urban List

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