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Melbourne’s Best Pimped Up Cocktails

By Bianca O'Neill
9th Sep 2016


As Spring approaches ever-so-slowly, and the nights start to warm up, we start thinking about all things cocktail… so we decided to put together a list of Melbourne’s best pimped up cocktails – from vapourised mojitos, to Heston-style Bloody Marys, this is a list for the more experimental at heart.

Die hard frozen margarita drinkers need not apply…

For The Instagrammers: Om Nom

Melbourne CBD

We’ve already spoken at length about our love for Om Nom’s dramatic new cocktail menu, including vapour-inhaled mojitos, nitro-frozen salted caramel martinis, and (our personal favourite) the smoke-filled campfire marshmallow pina colada. Get your camera ready, and Boomerang away – and watch the likes roll in.

For The Scenesters: Mr Miyagi


Mr M has a new addition to his famous salmon nori tacos: and they’re of the cocktail kind. The new cocktail menu has some pretty amazing looking foamed cocktails, including the Nutella-themed ‘Nut Job’ and zingy strawberry ‘Pink Fluff’, which we tried last weekend – and we’re happy to report they’re as strong as they are good looking. Now if only we could find a guy to match…

For The Upper Crust: Eau De Vie

Melbourne CBD

With a cocktail concocted of coconut spiced rum, sloe gin and apricot brandy topped with a hundred dollar bill that they literally set fire to, this definitely isn’t the place for someone without money to burn – and those who are looking for the most stylish cocktail in Melbourne need look no further than the calvados and mezcal served over a frozen river rock and shrouded under a eucalyptus fog. In other words, Eau De Vie knows how to bring the drama in the most sophisticated way possible.

For The Manly Man: Boilermaker House

Melbourne CBD

Or the woman-y woman, we don’t discriminate here. At Boilermaker House, they take fire hazards seriously – which is why they basically throw a fireball at your face whilst making your cocktail. Check this out.

For The Magic Lovers: Dinner By Heston


Ok, so it’s not technically a cocktail bar (you can only try Heston’s cocktails if you eat at the restaurant), however one cocktail in particular HAD to be mentioned in the context of this article. If you are lucky enough to book yourself into dinner here, arrive early and grab their signature Bloody Mary. It’s magical in the most Heston way possible… and we won’t ruin the fun by telling you how.

For The Oversharer: Glamp

Melbourne CBD

Love Potion No. 1 is probably one of the prettiest cocktails you’ll ever lay eyes on – which is why it’s best shared between two. Try it over flirty conversation with the kind of person you’re happy sharing backsplash with… Plantation Guyana Rum & Pampero Anejo Rum are infused with Lapsang Suchong tea, seasonal citrus fruits, Green Chartreuse, Crème Yvette, and Prosecco – and topped with a garden of flowers. If that doesn’t get you to second base, nothing will.

Image Credit: Glamp

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