Melbourne’s Best Places To Pamper Your Pet

By Sophie Teague
23rd Feb 2016

best dog grooming melbourne

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best pampering studios in Melbourne so you can say goodbye to bad animal breath, persistent fur in the carpet and scratch marks on your floorboards, animal lovers.

Firstly, we’d like to apologise to the cat-lovers out there, because as it turns out, cat-grooming facilities are few and far between in Melbourne *sad meow*. However, we have managed to find a few special spots for your feline friend to get pampered. So don’t get us wrong we’re not favouring pooches, they just seem to be a groom-friendly species. Please don’t scratch us, kitties!

You’d have to be barking or purring mad not to give at least one of these fine establishments a go.


Dogs Day Afternoon, Albert Park

Now, this one’s for the pooches in need of a little TLC (note: not the Waterfall-chasing girl band). Darren Favretto’s dog-wonderland, Dogs Day Afternoon, offers everything from a quick post-beach wash to an extreme puppy makeover. We’re talking haircut, aromatherapy wash, and obligatory nail clipping. We know what you’re thinking: your dog’s coat is one of a kind—well, Dogs Day caters to dogs of all coats… so they're, um, #coatfriendly. They even offer dog walking, training and socialising services if you’re a busy bee with a shy pup. Either way, you can’t go wrong at this Albert Park dog haunt, with over two decades of dog-lovin’ service, it’s the best barking recommendation around.

Pawsome Place, Prahran

As soon as we read the slogan, ‘The Awesome Place For Pawsome Friends’, we fell in love with this Prahran gem. Pawsome Place is simply a haven for Rover, Scruffy or maybe even Heathcliff Jnr if you’re feeling the literary dog-name vibe. Let the expert dog groomers do the dirty work and schedule your dog in for a ‘wash & tidy up service’, which includes bathing, drying, ear cleaning, nail clipping, fringe trimming, corner of eyes trimming, paw tidy, brush out and of course the essential pain-free Brazilian shaving. That’s a whole lotta groomin’. They cater for small to extra large pooches and prices vary depending on sizes. Get your pup feeling awesome at Pawsome.

Murphy’s Paw, Port Melbourne

This is the place you need take your best friend… your canine best friend, of course. Don’t get it twisted; Murphy’s Paw in Port Melbourne is more than just a dog washing business. They are a full service beauty and grooming parlour open to ALL dogs. Offering up deep-cleansing hydrobath for the dirty dawgs to general grooming appointments for the cleaner pups—either way, your precious one will be turning heads at every corner (incl. both dog and human heads). They also offer DIY dog grooming courses for the interested grooming folk out there—how perfect! We’re on our way, Murphy’s Paw. We love your punny name too.

The Pink Poodle Dog Grooming, Mount Waverley

This ain’t your average dog grooming salon, folks. The Pink Poodle Dog Grooming also boasts talents in creative dog fur colouring and deep-sea mud bath treatments—how luxe. The family-run business has been in action since the 1970s and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Welcoming dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds they can have your pooch washed, dried and dyed all in one go. Of course, they offer classic grooming packages and single treatments (incl. nail clipping and flea treatments). We recommend stopping in and giving your best friend the pampering they deserve ASAP.

Cheeky Paws, Oakleigh South

Lorraine is the brains behind this Oakleigh pet pampering shop, and boy is she doing it right. Cheeky Paws offers grooming for doggies of all sizes and stocks a range of pet foods if you need to re-stock the pet pantry. As a special option you can bring your lil buddy in and use the DIY grooming facility from $12+, they just ask you bring your favourite shampoo and a towel to fully enjoy the luxury facilities. Go on, get those dirty mitts to Cheeky Paws immediately.

Rollover Beethoven, Balwyn North

We just hope that Rollover Beethoven plays on repeat while our lil' ones are getting a good ol’ clean at this Balwyn North dog-grooming boutique—or at least some other tunes they can flap their ears to. Boasting standard grooming techniques, winter grooming and the luxurious Hydro ‘Spa’ Bath, this is sure to get your pup into that cleaning mood. Not to mention, Ruth the owner and senior groomer is an absolute superstar in the grooming game, allowing you to have input in the cleaning process. Roll on over to Rollover Beethoven, folks.

Spa Bark Dog Grooming, Moonee Ponds

This one’s for our inner northwest readers with a penchant for a clean and classy looking pooch. SpaBark in Moonee Ponds has been operating for over 10 years and is dedicated to making your dog feel good—and of course making YOU feel good about your dog. It’ll be a joyful experience from kick-off at SpaBark, and you’ll truly be amazed by that strut lil' Napoleon rocks on his way out the door. Offering up a puppy package, basic bath and tidy, the ‘works’, or even a three stage grooming package, they’ll have you covered for all your dawgs cleaning needs from the get-go.

Dogs HQ, Abbotsford

Stop. Dogs HQ have ‘Barkimonials’ on their rad website. We’re already head over heels in love. At Dogs HQ you can get your buddy groomed to perfection, from a quick fix to a full clip or maybe even a nail trim and tidy… did someone say dog manicure time? But wait, there’s more: dogs HQ also offers puppy school and doggy day care to ALL dogs including a canine cab service if you’re just too busy to drop your little one off for their big day. This Abbotsford hot-spot really does have it all.


Kylies Cat Grooming Service, Derrimut

Guys, Kylies Cat Grooming gets your kitty decked out with a killer set of nail caps that protect your body / floorboards from nasty scratches… and they come in all different shades of awesome. If that isn’t enough, they offer eye and ear cleaning, fur shaves, undercoat raking, de-shedding, de-matting and even Persian cat specialists for your every cat-based need. The prices are also incredibly reasonable for the tough work they do taming cats (and basically getting them into water). Hit this one up now, cat-lovers!

Pretty Kitty, Northcote

This Northcote cat-spot is pretty self-explanatory, and your kitty is gonna be lookin’ pretty fine, folks. Specialising in simple grooming techniques as well as ‘lion clips’ and ‘comb clips’, Pretty Kitty is a humble little cat paradise located in Melbourne’s north. With a strong client base, Pretty Kitty is doing a brilliant job at keeping the #catsofmelbourne looking tip-top.

Fantasticats Cat Grooming, Boronia

Don’t be fooled, folks. Cats may love to preen themselves every now and then, but this is often not enough to deter those pesky fleas, matted coats or dirty tushes. Thankfully, Fantasticats in Boronia knows this better than anyone, and they’re here to save our cat’s butts. Literally. Barbara is the mastermind behind this sedation-free cat-grooming establishment that offers up sanitary trims, cat bathing, de-shedding and many more amazing treatments. They also rock a killer ‘lion clip’ at Fantasticats that’ll make you wish you were covered in fur too. They are just purrfect!


Scratch & Sniffs, Cheltenham

Finally, Scratch & Sniffs brings together both dogs and cats in a harmonious grooming paradise. Not only do they boast a principal cat groomer with over 17 years as a veterinary nurse, but they also offer up incredible grooming packages for those on the dog side as well as the cat side. Get a groom, wash or even a pet pedicure to transform your pooch or kitty into a Hollywood pet-star (incl. silicone nail cap application). This boutique salon is a newbie in the Bayside area and they are doing excellent work for our canine and feline friends.

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