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Melbourne’s Getting A Festival Dedicated To Tea

By James Shackell
16th May 2017


Pinkie’s out, guys. The Melbourne Tea Festival is back again, and it’s set to make the Melbourne Exhibition Centre smell AMAZING (something The Boat Show and Sexpo have yet to accomplish).

The festival will feature some of Australia’s best specialty tea purveyors, plus a few choice guests from overseas. There’ll be the annual Tea Market, a bunch of interactive workshops, and something called Tea With A Stranger: a potentially awesome/terrifying encounter with a total stranger over a cup of chai or oolong. Potential conversation topics include (but are not limited to): ‘This Tea Is Pretty Good Isn’t It?’, ‘What’s Your Favourite Tea Mine’s Earl Grey’, and the reliably creepy ‘I Don’t Really Like Tea, But My Parole Officer Says It’s Important To Meet People.’

Entry gets you a signature porcelain cup, which is your tasting vessel for the day. You can browse the dozens of tea stalls at the market and sip away to your heart’s content (don’t worry—the bathrooms are clearly signposted). If you want to join the workshops, try and book ahead. There’s an Australian Native Tea Ceremony and a hands-on guide to fermenting your own Kombucha (scobies!).

The Details

Where: The Melbourne Convention Centre
When: 9am – 4pm, Saturday 20 May
For more info, 
click here.

Fancy a cuppa? We rounded up the best places to drink tea in Melbourne.

Image credit: Alana Dimou

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