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Messina Home Delivery Service To Launch in Melbourne!

By Bianca O'Neill
27th Nov 2015

gelato messina home delivery melbourne

Guys—remember when the gods smiled upon us and imparted the concept of Gelato Messina into the minds of its earthly creators, and we all knew we would die happy? The world is about to get even better, because Messina now deliver to your home. Which means you don't even have to get dressed anymore. Like, ever.

Yep, you can now order Messina literally whenever you want- and you don't even have to wait in line. Just think about all the times you’ve craved a delicious cup of salted coconut and mango gelato after a long day at work - and now think about how good it will feel to not have to lift a finger. Except to dial... unless Siri actually understands you for once.

The good folks at Suppertime are the delightful wizards who will now fly you your gelato within around 10 minutes - including daily specials, yay! - like an uber-fast Harry Potter for dessert lovers. Gelato will be delivered in the areas surrounding the Richmond, Windsor and Fitzroy stores, and will start in a couple of weeks.

They even have a 'Team Orders' function for the office, or those days when you pretend you're ordering for a whole office, but you're actually planning for an epic netflix and chill sesh.

The future is here, people!

Read more about the Gelato Messina delivery service at Suppertime.

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Photo credit: Gelato Messina Facebook.

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