Our Most Read Articles Of 2017

By Ben Tyers
22nd Dec 2017


It’s been a big year, full of highs and lows, unicorn festivals, Nutella burgers, and sushi pizzas—massive.

So we thought we’d recap what was the most read on site, a collection of our most read articles, and the Melbourne businesses that you all went wild for. Maybe there’s some inspiration here for the new year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The Urban List team.

Most Read Articles

  1. 10 Amazing Walks Near Melbourne You Need To Go On ASAP | There are so many walks to go out just outside of Melbourne, here are just 10 of them.
  2. 35 Things You’ll Miss When You Move Away From Melbourne | Or just don’t move?
  3. How To Make The Best Espresso Martini Ever | An oldie but a goody, everyone needs to try this recipe.
  4. The Nutella Burger Has Arrived In Melbourne | Dish of the year? We think so.
  5. 50 Melbourne Brunch Dishes To Try In 2017 | There’s nothing stopping you from trying them in 2018 though.
  6. 12 Things Your Barista Wishes You’d Stop Doing | Bit picky.
  7. You Know You’re From The East When…. | Eastern suburbs represent.
  8. 50 Things To Do In Melbourne When You Can’t Afford A Holiday | Might come in handy at this time of year.
  9. We Reveal What Job You Should Be Doing Based On Your Star Sign | Some real scientific methods behind this one.
  10. We Reveal Why You’re Still Single Based On Your Star Sign | Back to the well and the stars are guiding your relationship decisions.

Most Viewed Local Businesses

  1. Gaijin, South Yarra | All-you-can-eat sushi is something everyone can appreciate.
  2. The Provincial Hotel, Fitzroy | Opening a new rooftop bar just in time for summer was a very good idea.
  3. Storyville, CBD | Melbourne’s new fairy tale-themed bar had a lot of admirers.
  4. Queen Of Spades, Fitzroy | Board games in bars was a big trend in 2017, and Queen Of Spades do it well.
  5. Hwatu, Carlton | It looks like everyone’s a fan of fried chicken. That’s a very good thing.
  6. BOUNCE Inc, Glen Iris | A massive indoor playground with a Ninja Warrior course, ideal for a group of giant kids.
  7. AU79, Abbotsford | One of Melbourne’s most ambitious openings in 2017, roasting their own coffee, baking their own bread. AU79 do it all.
  8. Dukes Gym, Richmond | A gym with a female-only section that really interested a lot of you.
  9. L.A. Burgers, South Yarra | Inspired by the burger joints of California, L.A. Burgers is serving up some great burgers opposite South Yarra station.
  10. Holey Moley, CBD | A mini golf bar was always going to be a well-read article in Melbourne.

There's a new pop up food truck park at Melbourne Airport, read all about it here.

Image credit: AU79 | Griffin Simm

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