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Valentine’s Day Foods To Get You In The Mood

By Charlotte Revill
10th Feb 2016

valetines day foods to get you in the mood

With Valentine's Day lurking just around the corner, forget all the cheesy clichés and focus on what’s really important about 14 February… what foods are going to get you and your lucky date feeling 50 shades of frisky?

No - not a 3 course oyster feast. So you can stop pretending you actually enjoy eating them, because there are plenty more appealing options that have the same affect - and won’t anger your gag reflex. In fact, you’re surrounded by so many natural aphrodisiacs that you don't realise! Prepare yourself for an erotic-food-education.

An aphrodisiac is defined as “food that stimulates sexual desire” - and lets be honest nothing says 14 February more than that definition, so make sure that romantic menu of yours includes a few of these:


Because what’s a Valentines treat that doesn’t include a little bit of chocolate right? With this superfood, aphrodisiac properties are just one of its many benefits. Cacao contains Anandamide, otherwise known as the ‘bliss molecule’ – packed full of magnesium, phosphorous, anti-oxidants and libido enhancing players. Thank you Cacao, thank you very much.

Cinnamon, Ginger & Nutmeg

If an actual threesome isn’t on the cards this year, we’ve got an alternative for you to try out: 3 household herbs that are guaranteed to increase blood flow in the abdominal and pelvic regions. Intrigued? It’s said that these three stimulate your appetite for both food and sex – so either way you’re winning.  And for the final nail in the coffin… these spices increase and intensify sexual pleasure. Game. Set. Sexual Match.


Because apparently there is nothing that these little guys aren’t good for. They add a sweetness and richness to your recipes - and then to your love life! In old Arabic culture they’d mix up a traditional aphrodisiac using dates, milk and cinnamon, and rumour has it, it never failed. This superfood’s full of fibre and nutrients, but most importantly they’re bursting with amino acids – known for increasing sexual stamina. Cheeky.


With its fiery reputation and bright red colour this one already looks the part. But there’s actually some science behind the power of the chilli: they stimulate your brain's endorphins and speed up the heart rate to make you sweat - and that’s before you’ve even got down to the good stuff… Just wash your hands if you're handling them before getting frisky. FOR GODS SAKE WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST.


Because what could be more suitable than a food that’s created through procreation! Birds and the bees…? Hello? Where do you think honeymoon got its name from? Honey contains Boron which regulates estrogens and testosterone levels, and gives you that much needed boost right in time for any nocturnal activities.


Now you know why you look forward to your morning latte so much. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the heart rate and increases the blood flow. In fact, a recent study suggested coffee could put us in the mood for sex. So forget that glass of red on V-Day - we’ll take a double espresso.

Bet your lame teddy bear doesn’t have that same effect, does it? It’s all about utilizing these natural aphrodisiacs - after all, a little extra libido boost never goes amiss... Especially on V-Day. You might even say, if it’s this simple it would be foolish not to get in that kitchen and get cooking.

Oh yeah.

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