Overheard In Melbourne This Week

By Ellen Seah
27th Apr 2016

overheard in melbourne

It's time once again for overheard—bringing you all the ridiculous conversations we've sneakily jotted down whilst you were talking unawares. This week we deal with the problems of almond milk, hungry angry-ness and Friday night adventures. 

Sah Melbourne

Girl 1: I’m too uncoordinated to play sport, I can barely walk straight sometimes.
Girl 2: That’s only on Friday nights though. 

Dinner Party Woes

Guy 1: So, what type of meal are you cooking?
Guy 2: Croquettes.
Guy 1: Oh, so like, French?
Guy 2: There's potato and cheese in France, yeah? So, yeah, French. 

On Personal Trainers 

Girl 1: As I went upstairs for my fourth cupcake, I got a text from my personal trainer reminding me about my session this week.
Girl 2: She must have eyes everywhere.

On Wigs 

Girl 1: So apparently Kylie Jenner thinks she started wigs.
Girl 2: No WAY. What about Cher?
Girl 3: Uh, what about cancer?! 

On The Issue Of Babies 

Girl 1: I have this amazing secret skill. 
Girl 2: What is it? 
Girl 1: I can make any baby cry in under five seconds. 

Beyonce #Problems 

Girl 1: I'm so desperate to listen to the new Beyonce album
Girl 2: Desperate enough to subscribe to Tidal?
Girl 1: Nah.

'membering #Prince 

Guy 1: Has Taylor Swift's people composed a tweet yet to honour Prince?
Girl 1: I'm sure they're trying to work out how to say he would have been part of her "squad" or was "such an amazing feminist" or find some on-brand photo that they're in together. 
Guy 1: "I never had #BadBlood with Prince so he'll always be in #Style" #RIPPrince #1989"

On Public Transport 

Girl 1: And today in my public transport escapades, a man has commended me on wearing my "sexy pants" this morning.
Girl 2: Sure, that's creepy—but more importantly, was he right?

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Photo credit: Mean Girls

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