Overheard In Melbourne This Week

By Bianca O'Neill
10th Feb 2016

overheard in melbourne

It's time once again for overheard - bringing you all the ridiculous conversations we've sneakily jotted down whilst you were talking unawares. This week it's all about pop culture, overheard, and chill, with many of these conversations emerging from the bored crowd waiting for the Zoolander preview to start last night...

Oh the things you hear in movie theatres. Onward!

The big questions

Girl 1: My friend's new boyfriend is following me on Instagram.
Girl 2: Oh yeah, what's he like?
Girl 1: W
ell, he likes every photo I put up, so he's my fave so far.

Guy: I don't think anyone cares about big exclusive parties anymore. It's all about tiny happenings that you stumble upon down some random laneway.
Yeah, I don't care about missing out on the big stuff.
...Is this the changing face of FOMO?!

Girl: I'm just looking through my unread Skype chats, and the number of people who said happy birthday to me via this medium is really whack? Like, who does that? Is Skype a thing?

Movies and tv and chill

Guy 1: Wait you went and saw the Dressmaker?
Guy 2: Yeah it was my punishment for taking her to see Star Wars. But it was actually really good...

Girl 1: These Super Bowl ads... What is a puppymonkeybaby?!
Girl 2: I'd like a puppy and a baby mixed together, hold the monkey...
Girl 1: Nah, a puppy monkey for sure.
Girl 2: I have no pets / my life is a sad hole of misery and tv. My bald boyfriend is kind of my pet I guess...

Girl: Last night I had a dream that I was on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and the surprise guests were Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff. I kept asking them about Aaron Carter to try and stir the pot.

Foodie convos

Guy 1: I think we're at the point where the luxe dessert has finally overtaken the burger.
Guy 2: 
But what does it mean?!
Guy 1: I
 guess we're all just sick of triple stacks of meat...?

Girl 1: So I think dessert bars with alcohol is a new thing, like drinking whilst eating dessert?
Girl 2: Wait, wasn't that always a thing?

Some other random shit

Girl: I went through an “I want to look like Truman Capote” phase...

Girl 1: I'm watching X Files on Netflix, Scully is my new style hero.
Girl 2: Is there a place for double breasted skirt suits in 2016? I think so.
Girl 1: Mulder is so fetch.

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Photo credit: Cruel Intentions 

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