Overheard In Melbourne This Week

By Bianca O'Neill
2nd Mar 2016

overheard in melbourne

It's time once again for overheard—bringing you all the ridiculous conversations we've sneakily jotted down whilst you were talking unawares. This week we find out that Melbourne has jumped the (burger) shark, and we investigate the Oscars through a Melbourne filter.

Also, what IS with Sam Smith's hair rn? LOL. Onward!

Sah Melbourne

Girl: I ended up at The Peel until 4am last night.
How did THAT happen?!
: Espresso martinis, beer, rose, a Manhattan... and at least half a bottle of Tasmanian white. 

Girl 1: I'm taking it as a personal slight that Uber won't deliver puppies to my office today.
Girl 2: My manager told me my only job today was to ensure there were Uber puppies here at some point. It's probably the most stressful job I've ever been given at work.

Guy: Now there are dessert burgers. Melbourne, you really have jumped the shark.

The Oscars

Girl: I don't get why people are obsessed with Leo winning the Oscar.
Guy: They're just thirsty for the impending memes.

Girl: Sam Smith is really going through a George Michael styling phase.
Guy: It freaks me out that his hair is the same length as his beard, it's like he's the Lego version of himself.

Guy: When they receive the awards it's so boring.
Girl: Wait... but that's the entire show?!
Guy: Yeah, I guess so.

Some other random shit

Guy: 18,000 people have joined a Facebook page about hating coriander.
Girl: If that's not first world problems, then nothing is.
Guy: But coriander is pretty shit though.

Girl: Fashun Me makes weird decisions the night before a runway that Normal Me's life-people will be confused by.

Girl: Most important life lesson of the day: When the selfie lighting is good, make sure you capitalise on that opportunity.

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Photo credit: Empire Records

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