Patch Paleo Cafe Opens in Richmond

By Ella Stening
10th Jun 2014

We all know that if you've got a hankering for a tasty meal, you're in the right city for it. From pizza to poffertjes, from bratwurst to bombolini, from short ribs to single origin, from crepe to craft beer, from avocado on toast to Tuesday night roast – Melbourne embodies that cheeky twinkle in the hungry man's iris.

For Tom Davidson, owner of the newly opened Patch paleo cafe in Richmond, there was something missing, something vital. As a personal trainer, Davidson is a religious devotee to the paleo lifestyle. (Paleo, as you undoubtedly are aware by now, is a sweeping health movement that has captured and tamed the bellies and minds of many – getting us to nourish ourselves as our ancestors did, by cutting the crap, and relying on real, whole unprocessed foods. Wanna know more? Check out our beginner's guide to paleo, and Melbourne's top 11 paleo dishes).

Problem was, when Davidson was keen for a post-workout paleo feed, he found that there was little in the way of a health food scene in Melbourne. After returning from a stint in LA, sun-speckled and inspired, he was convinced that what Melbourne truly needed was a hip-hop happening paleo cafe. Thus Patch Cafe was born.

Together with his business partner Jacob Burke (fun fact: Tom and Jacob met through work – Tom helping Jacob to lose weight through a diet paleo and personal training), Davidson has created Patch, Melbourne's first, full paleo cafe. Mixing primal-inspired food with sophisticated dining, Patch is a chic, streamlined dining experience that'll have yummy mummies, fitness buffs and average Joes champing at the bit for a paleo-friendly bite.

Hidden in the leafy greens of Richmond's suburbia and wedged amongst an old industrial space, Patch's design is minimal – spatterings of blue and black tiles, a long cement bar and a gorgeous iron framework make for a clean, easy on the eyes kinda space. For nosh, Patch punters can hoe into novelty cafe menu, with brekkie items like the breakfast salad of avo, soft boiled egg and pomegranate, cauliflower and almonds nestled on a kale bed, or just K.I.S.S with an eggs benny, or banana and almond hotcakes. For lunch, get delicate with daikon tuna rolls, or treat your tummy (and your heart) well with some roasted pork belly. Coffee at Patch is supplied by Brunswick's Code Black, and there's a few special fresh made juices as well as spicy, spicy chai available, too.

For paleo diet enthusiasts, you will not believe that what you're munching at Patch is entirely real food based, it's so rich, satisfying and effortlessly tasty. Whether you're popping in for a takeaway, a sit down brekkie with mates or lunch date with your spin buddy, Melbourne's first paleo cafe has certainly raised the standard for healthy cafes in our fair city.

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