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Pause Fest Just Dropped Their New Line-up

By James Shackell
7th Nov 2017


What will future Australia look like? According to next year’s Pausefest, it’ll involve opening doors with microchips in our hands, fighting robots for jobs, and VR with extra R. (No word yet on hoverboards or Jetson suitcase cars – but watch this space).

Pause Fest is the country’s biggest tech and innovation festival, and it kicks off in February at a bunch of venues around town. Tickets are on sale now.

Every year Pause summons the brightest minds and hippest thought leaders to host panels, give lectures and run a bunch of interactive workshops. It’s like a city-wide TedTalks session. And next year’s line-up looks like a humdinger.

You can rock along and listen to the likes of Brian Green (Technical Directory at Pixar), Guy Kawasaki (Chief Evangelist at Canva—yep, that’s his real title), Kelsey Whelan from Netflix, and even Marissa Rosenburg, a Phd. Astrophysicist from NASA. Some of the topics are still under wraps, but any room that includes people from Netflix, Pixar and NASA is probably a place you ought to spend some time.

Want something a bit more hands on? LEGO’s running playtime sessions for adults, there’s a Networking for Introverts seminar (tip: don't hang by the canapes), plus a guide to Radical Listening (it’s hard to explain).

Set phasers to stun. This one’s gonna be good.

The Details

Where: Various locations
When: 7 – 11 Feb 2018
For more info, click here

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