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Perfect Skin Without Photoshop? Here’s How…

By Iro Kotsimbos
31st Mar 2015

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; investing in your skin is one of the wisest decisions you can make. 

I mean, we’ve tried praying to the anti-ageing, smooth skin fairies, and when even they come back and say fuhgeddaboutit, we know it’s time to book in for one of Melbourne’s best facials instead.

But what to do when your skin just won’t respond to any of the lotions and potions you’re trying? When you’re staring down the barrel of pigmentation, dull skin, and wrinkles? 

Send it to skin boot camp, that’s what, courtesy of the team at Skinovations!

Home to some of the best facials in Melbourne, Skinovations also offers DMK Enzyme Therapy, a highly targeted and effective skin treatment that is easily customisable and suited to a variety of skin conditions.

If you’re looking for a treatment that actually WORKS (ohhh, the beauty of science), and don’t want to resort to invasive procedures, this is the Melbourne facial you need to book in for.

Plumped up, glowing, clear skin? Amen to that, Listers!

So, how Does DMK Enzyme Therapy work?

Designed to create an enzymatic response in the skin—a process which helps clear up dead skin cells, toxins and other nasty skin stuff—DMK Enzyme Therapy at Skinovations is our pick of facials in Melbourne if you’re keen on whipping your skin into tip-top shape.

Put simply, this skin treatment is like going to the gym...but for your skin! The enzyme therapy brings fresh oxygenated blood to the skin, stimulates collagen production and detoxifies the skin through a process called ‘reverse osmosis’ which is a back flushing of fluid through the cells, leaving them clean and toxin free! Reverse osmosis can be likened to spin cycle on your washing machine; it's brilliant if you feel like your skin is particularly dull and dry, and needs a serious workout.

After an initial analysis to get to the bottom of your skin issues, the Skinovations team will perform a thorough double cleanse on the skin. From there, a liquid called Dermatox is wiped across the skin in preparation for the mask. This stuff is the bizznizz and helps to clear up any surface dryness, so that the Enzyme Therapy mask can get in there and work its facial wizardry.

If you want a really deep and thorough clean, we recommend opting for the extra exfoliation prior to the Enzyme Therapy mask being applied. There are three options on offer at Skinovations—your therapist will be able to advise which is best for you. (We opted for the cassia and cinnamon based exfoliation, which creates a pseudo-heat and helps clear any breakouts and soothe any redness in the skin).

Next comes the piece de resistance—THE MASK. The DMK Enzyme Therapy mask initially feels like a thick gel, however after 10-15 minutes you’ll start to feel it tightening up, along with a gentle tingle. If we’re being honest, it’s kinda like someone’s applied suction to your skin; you can feel the skin pulsing—this is reverse osmosis happening—which we loved because it means THE FACIAL IS WORKING!

The mask is left to work its magic for 45 minutes—the Skinovations team will treat you to a relaxing arm massage towards the end—before being removed with hot towels. From there, a serum and moisturiser will be applied, followed by all-important sunscreen, before you’re sent on your gorgeous glowy way.

Immediately afterwards, you may feel a little flushed in the cheeks but don’t fret, this disappears quickly. The next day is when you really start to see the results; I couldn’t believe how clear and even my skin looked! 

Best enjoyed as part of a series of treatments, I’ll definitely be back for more!

How does DMK Enzyme Therapy differ from other treatments?

DMK Enzyme Therapy is all about working WITH the skin, rather than on the skin’s surface. The treatment is highly targeted and customisable, so depending on what your biggest concerns are, the Skinovations team can tweak the steps here and there to make it even more effective.

The best part is the enzymes help to strengthen the skin so that it’s better placed to deal with the hard yards we put it through on a daily basis—think makeup, stress, pollution—as well as conditions such as acne, ageing, dryness, and pigmentation.

So, Listers, keen to try one of the best facials in Melbourne’s bayside ‘burbs? Find out more about Skinovations right here. Glowing skin, here we come!

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Image Credit: BFA NYC

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