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By Ellen Seah
21st Feb 2016

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Overshadowed by the likes of Malvern and Windsor, Armadale is often the unfairly overlooked middle child. Well we’re putting the upscale back into Armadale—here are the best things to drink, eat and do! 

Lona Pintxos Bar

If you’re after a good grazin’ of a time, Lona Pintxos Bar is your spot. Offering some of the finest sherry in Melbourne, classic cocktails and wines galore—this faintly pink-lit bar boasts cosy booths and Spanish tapas. What more could you need? Not much, wethinks.

The Tasting Table Wine Shop

Generic wines aren’t on the table at Armadale’s Tasting Table Wine Shop. Boasting wines that you’ll (really) struggle to find elsewhere, this unpretentious wine shop has got to be one of the best bottle-o’s in Melbourne. The best part? Most of their 200-strong selection is ridiculously (liver hazardously) affordable.

The Beatt Café

Calmly organic and gluten-free, Armadale’s Beatt Café has given their menu a facelift this year. And boy, is it lip-smacking tasty. You won’t miss fats and sugars with this menu. From vegetarian Nasi Goreng packed with a king-hit of spices, to the classic, fresh Build Me Avo brekkie, The Beatt Café is the ideal baby step towards the new you.


In Melbourne’s MAMMOTH café scene, there’s not much wiggle room in the creative brunch-lunch sector. Or so we thought, before Mammoth rocked up. Featuring some of the most innovative, downright delicious meals in Melbourne, this bright, open space is easily one of the best cafes in Armadale.

Coin Laundry

Dealing with your laundry basket really sucks, Luckily, Armadale’s Coin Laundry involves a lot less dust, powder and smelly socks than your usual Sunday wash. Settled in an old laundromat (no, how did you guess), Coin Laundry offers a generous brunch menu in a simple, compact space that definitely beats doing chores.  

Gardiner & Field

As the name implies, Gardiner & Field is all about fresh, healthy meals in one of the cosiest cafes in Melbourne. Featuring dark, polished timbers and shelves lined with pantry staples locals love to take home, drop by for a nourishing lunch you absolutely won’t have to feel guilty about!

Cooper and Milla’s

Nibble away at High Street’s Cooper and Milla’s. An emporium of cakes, sweets and baked goods, Cooper and Milla’s is a no-frills local bakery serving some of the best treats in Armadale. You’ll more than likely walk away with your own miniature bakery to take home (and not share).

Mr Zimi

Mr Zimi’s designs by husband-and-wife team Jimi and Zoe Paul are ageless and suitable for every season imaginable. Are these the perfect dresses?! Featuring unique, bright prints that are ideal for dressing up or down, everyone needs a little Mr Zimi in their wardrobe. 

Skin and Threads

Sophisticated, versatile and effortlessly elegant, clothes from Skin and Threads can slide into anyone’s cupboard. Boasting stylish casual wear made from the finest natural fabrics, be warned: you’re putting your purse in serious danger when you walk into Armadale’s enticingly bright store.

The Little Grocer

Like the pantry you wish you had, The Little Grocer is stocked with some of the best quality produce in Melbourne! From garlic to lemons and breads to pasta sauce, if you want a few luxury staples in your kitchen, look no further. They also sell take-home meals and the occasional baked treat, if you’re less of a cook and more of a microwave professional.

Megan Park

With every piece of clothing designed in-house, Megan Park’s pieces are luxuriously individual. An international brand, the Megan Park line is one of the finest quality brands in Melbourne.

Il Migliore

It’s a treat ‘n biscuit wonderland at il Migliore. From gourmet, buttery biscuits to beautiful hampers for that special someone (cough, yourself), Il Migliore is like your mama’s cookie jar, only better. 


Every girl’s favourite place to go in and try (all the) samples, Armadale’s Aesop is a little taste of luxury on High Street. Now that you think about it, weren’t you running out of hand cream? And shampoo and face moisturizer…

Scanlan and Theodore

Featuring simple, modern designs, Scanlan and Theodore’s Armadale boutique is a delightful place to shop. With intricate concrete floors, sunken couches and timber features, treat yourself to something special at one of Melbourne’s best boutique brands. 

Scott Livesey Gallery

Boasting some of the best contemporary Australian and international artists, the Scott Livesey Gallery boasts a wide range of regularly rotating exhibitions which will pique the interest of even your least artistic buddy. Featuring some of the most important Australian art in the 21st century, even if you’re not an art nerd, hit up the Scott Livesey Gallery!

Metro Modern Art Gallery           

Get your art education at the Metro Modern Art Gallery. Recognised as an international institution featuring dynamic art from some of the biggest contemporary artists in Australia, Metro Gallery boasts a range of artistic platforms for the modern art lover.

Missy Lui

As much as we love (LOVE) some sparkly nails, we’re not such big fans of that acrid, just-painted smell that goes hand in hand with mani’s. Worry not Listers—the super team at Missy Lui is here to save the day! Known for their non-toxic, natural nail products, enjoy a shiny new set of pointers with the best quality products in Melbourne.

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Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White for The Urban List

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