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PSA: This Organisation Is On The Lookout For ‘Kitten Carers’

By James Shackell - 10 Dec 2017


You’ve heard of puppy foster care, right? Well this Christmas, the Cat Protection Society Of Victoria is on the hunt for people to look after kittens (and cats) that find themselves without a home.

Here’s how it works. The Society will provide you with food, litter products, bedding and bowls. You just bring the cuddles and snuggles and other things of that ilk. We’re not sure where they stand on calling your cat your ‘fur baby’, but it’s probably cool.

Ready to find your purrfect little friend? You can check out the latest kittens over here. Remember though, teenagers and adult cats need the love too. And they’ve got street smarts, like O'Malley from Aristocats

If adoption sounds too full on, you can always make a donation. Anything over $2 is tax deductible.

Want to learn a bit more about kitten adoption? You can email [email protected].

Image credit: Koen Eijkelenboom

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