Ramen Ice Cream Is A Thing And Our Life Is Complete

By Ellen Seah
24th Nov 2016

Everyone might scream for ice cream, but in the wonderfully weird city of Melbourne, we’re screaming for ice-cream ramen.

Not technically made from ice cream, or ramen for that matter, this sweet Asian-inspired dessert has been named for its noodle-like appearance. Wiggly neon blue jelly noodles are made from algae and served on a sweet “soup” of crushed ice and condensed milk…which is sort of like ice-cream, and sort of like ramen? Just go with it.

This sweet ramen bowl can also be topped with extras like melon, mango, sugary peach syrup and mini rice balls. Think of it like ordering an extra serve of chashu pork with your favourite traditional ramen.

The wacky creators of dessert ramen, Dessert Kitchen, is also home to creations like Japanese-style chocolate brownies (not like your mum used to make) and kitten caramel lattes.

It would be un-Melbourne not to try it.

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Image credit: via @feedyourgirlfriend

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