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Buckle Up | Scooter Ridesharing Is Coming To Melbourne

By Tayla Rabie
20th Mar 2018


You thought Uber was cool? Introducing Scooti, Australia’s newest mode of shared public transport.

Melbourne is the first city to get this scooter taxi service (suffer-in-your-jocks, Sydney) with a fleet of 50 scooters and motorbikes scheduled to be up and running by April. We're pretty sure it'll look something like the artist's render above: zooming through idyllic laneways, picking flowers, drinking coffee and falling in love with handsome Italians. Who knows. We could be wrong. 

“The main advantage of Scooti is, of course, getting where you want to go sooner. ‘Two wheels’ has a distinct advantage in busy traffic. But that’s just where the good news starts. The Scooti community stands for so much more,” says founder and CEO, Cameron Nadi.

Bonus points: Scooti has learned from the success of female-only ride share services (like the excellent Shebah), and they're going to have female drivers available (if you prefer to ride with a woman). 

Nadi says it best, “It gets you there quicker, cheaper and in an environmentally cleaner fashion. It will create a positive and collective driver cohort and ultimately play a part in ensuring Melbourne continues to be the most liveable city in the world.” #preach Keep watch for discounted fares while they’re prepping for their launch, here.

The Details

Where: All over Melbourne 
When: Launching in April 2018
For more info, click here.

Ride-sharing is becoming seriously competitive. ICYMI: earlier this year we got Taxify

Image credit: Davide Ragusa 

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