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Let The Force Be With You At This Massive Star Wars Art Exhibition

By Rick Stephens
17th Jan 2020


Fans of Star Wars felt the full force of the franchise at the back end of 2019. The Rise of Skywalker divided devotees, The Mandalorian convinced newcomers that Star Wars is, in fact, cool and Baby Yoda confused pretty much everyone. 

In 2020, the hype is coming at us like the Millenium Falcon with an eager Chewy at the wheel, and all thanks to Armadale’s Silver K Gallery. Their massive Star Wars and superheroes exhibition is open now with works on show from OG comic book artists, and it’s sticking around until the end of March.

The works have been commissioned by Lucas Films, so you know it’s legit. You’ll find iconic characters, scenes and moments from the entire saga recreated throughout 150+ pieces, which almost acts as a still-life walkthrough of the Star Wars journey. 

Also on display is original art from DC Comics don illustrator Jim Lee, and Alex Ross, a bonafide veteran of both DC Comics and Marvel alike. Expect a swathe of Supermans, Wonderwomans and Batmans in part two of the exhibition, along with your guy Spidey dropping in from time to time—look hard enough and you’ll even see a few pieces signed by the late Stan Lee himself. 

Over two years in the making, Silver K’s curation of pop culture glory is on show until Sunday 29 March with tickets at a modest $10 for big kids, and $5 for the little ones. 

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Image credit: supplied.

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