Start Fasting Now, Red Velvet Pancakes Are Here

By Millie Lester
24th Apr 2017


Put the deconstructed Yakult down, because your diet is officially O-V-A-H—Axil Coffee Roasters are now serving Melbourne’s most OTT sweet brekky, and in the words of Fountain Lakes’ foxiest moron—you are indeed a crim for keeping yourself trim, especially in this current breakfast climate.

In some of the Melbourne food scene’s most exciting news to date, Hawthorn’s premier brunch hotspot have just revealed that they're now handing out heart attacks on designer crockery, because anyone who’s anyone knows that real foodies don’t leave their houses for anything less than a three-point BMI increase. Enter: Red Velvet Pancakes.

In a cloud of sushi donuts, gelato Easter eggs and matcha pavlovas, Axil Coffee Roasters has tiptoed onto the food scene through the back door with what is basically a dessert masquerading as breakfast—and we’ve never been more excited. These red velvet pancakes are topped with black sesame ice cream and raspberries, on a bed of cream cheese ganache (GET. OUT.) and sprinkled with chocolate brownie soil (SHUDDUPANDTAKEMYMONEY) because it’s 2017 and if we wanted a healthy lifestyle we’d be living in Japan and not putting Iced Magic on frozen grapes (HIGHLY recommend).

And while we’re at it, let’s address the premature Christmas miracle that is Axil Coffee Roasters’ dark chocolate waffles. Sitting directly below the red velvet pancakes on their luxe AF food menu is their dark choccie waffles with peanut butter parfait, salted caramel, candied popcorn, and banana. And if you can’t already tell, people get quite excited about them. Especially when they’re paired with a cup of their own unique, direct-trade specialty coffee.

And while my heart says “go on, tell them about their zucchini, corn and halloumi fritters with crispy sweet potato, or even the chilli battered soft shell crab burger on squid ink brioche”, my head says, “gal, you’re not the fun police”, so we’re just going to leave their tidy little menu here...

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Image credit: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List 

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