Sushi Cake Is A Thing

By Aimee Bricker
14th Jul 2016

I’ve got to be honest here, I am obsessed with Japanese food. If I could eat it for every meal, I 100% would.  So as you can imagine, my levels of excitement went through the roof when I found out that there’s a Japanese foodie gem in Melbourne that I hadn’t discovered yet. The Sushi Cake.  No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks, I would never joke about this.

Komeyui Japanese Restaurant in Port Melbourne is the mastermind behind this creation. At Komeyui, the core philosophy is using only the freshest ingredients in order to be able to create the most authentic Japanese dining experience for their customers. They even cook using traditional Japanese methods—a Shichirin (earthen charcoal brazier) is used for any pan fried or grilled dishes and a traditional Hagama (which is essentially a cast iron pot) is used to cook rice.

This cake is not simply sashimi and rice. A selection of different types of the freshest sashimi are layered on top of the ‘cake’.  This cake, let’s not be fooled, is not a typical cake.  It’s a cake made of Komeyui’s signature Chirashi rice.  Top it all off with some fresh avocado, cucumber, prawns, tofu and salmon roe and you’ve died and gone to a nutritionist approved cake heaven!  

You’ve got to pre-order the sushi cake before you go so don’t forget! 

Image Credit: Komeyui via Instagram.

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