The Best 50 Meals We’ve Eaten In 2016 So Far

By Ellen Seah
5th Aug 2016


Let’s be honest, Melbourne’s foodie scene is a lot like an unchaperoned child at the grocery store. There are so many new restaurants, cafes and bars opening every month that unless you’re a seriously dedicated food-consuming machine, a couple may have slipped past your fingers (or should I say mouth?). Not to worry, we’ve eaten our way through enough of Melbourne to bring you the best meals of 2016!

#1 The trippy Tiramistout with micro herbs and brewers grain from Temple Brewing Co is one of the most delightful desserts, ever.

#2 The Fish & Chippery take crab to the next level with their tempura soft shell crab wrap served with wombok salad, bean sprouts, black sesame and goma dressing. NOM.

#3 Sure you could go for your standard Margherita, but why would you when there’s a Black Forest dessert pizza with Nutella, blackberries, cherries, Oreo crumble, vanilla bean ice cream and a raspberry injection at A25?

#4 Foie gras ice cream profiteroles with chocolate sauce at Luxembourg. That’s all.

#5 Nora’s deceptive signature Daft Punk Is Playing In My Mouth dish consists of sashimi with green chilli granita and a host of other delicate ingredients. Stunningly rich, balanced and complex, it's not one to underestimate. 

#6 Corn is king at Embla with their creamed corn with crème fraîche, oregano and dried citrus. Heavenly.

#7 Head into the Grub Food Van for pomegranate slow cooked lamb like no other.

#8 Eel broth may not sound that appealing, but in the hands of the IDES team, it’s a winner.

#9 Faraday’s Cage’s buttermilk hotcakes are cooked in crunchy macadamia and praline, then topped with mascarpone, fresh berries and poached pear. No, you won’t find better. 

#10 Little Ramen Bar may not be new, but their Hokkaido Ramen featuring a generous amount of corn and buttery broth certainly is. Topped with mixed veg and pork, we can’t get enough of this new addition.

#11 The iconic high tea at Market Lane Bar at Intercontinental Melbourne the Rialto is worth every dollar. We recommend bringing your least hungry friend.  

#12 Bringing a kick-ass vegan mushroom pho to Melbourne, GOODdays’ broth is rich and mouth-wateringly aromatic.

#13 You can’t really go wrong at Neil Perry’s Burger Project, but we can never get enough of their fried chicken and bacon katsu burger.

#14 The Pumpkin Bunuelos (doughnuts) dish with goats cheese ice cream, almond praline and ponzu caramel from MJR TOM is everything.

#15 The creator of the cookies ‘n cream donut sliders with smashed Oreos, salted caramel, bananas, honeycomb, figs and pistachios from Left Field should be knighted.

#16 The homemade gnocchi with pumpkin and ginger sauce from Eat'aliano by Pino are little pillows of joy. 

#17 Little Sunflower's green tea noodle Buddha Bowl with edamame, bean shoots, sweet potato, watercress, avo, kimchi, turtle beans and cucumber must be made by a healthy goddess. 

#18 The pine mushrooms, cippolini’s and pumpkin seed dish from Host has a very special place in our hearts. 

#19 Botherambo's fried spiced squid with coriander, Vietnamese mint, chilli mayo and sriracha is a flavour bomb!

#20 The German-style pretzel from Two Wrongs with Wagyu pastrami, aged cheddar custard and cigar smoke is so right. 

#21 Polepole's meat cigar's are filled with tender meats and rolled in Tunisian brik pastry then topped with flavoured edible ash. Boom. 

#22 If you're a cheese lover (and who isn't), Three One 2 One serves an appropriately named Kick-Ass Mac 'n Cheese with a beef pattie, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, mac 'n cheese and ketchup.

#23 Or if you're willing to skip the burger, go straight for the Mac Bomb from Burgerlove. A cheese stuffed mac 'n cheese patty that's battered and deep-fried, this is artery-clogging deliciousness. 

#24 If we had to eat Amaru’s duck breast for the rest of our lives every day, we would be one happy duckie.  

#25 Toko’s ‘hiramasa no usuzukuri’ consists of perfectly sliced kingfish with yuzu and chives. It’s delicate and downright delicious. 

#26 Dinner By Heston’s Meat Fruit, because, Heston.

#27 Lune Croissanterie may have only recently been crowned as home to the world’s best croissant, but we’ve been chowing on their stringy, cheese-stuffed, salty-sweet cheese and ham croissants all year. Much to the despair of our waistlines. 

#28 Boasting a recently revamped menu, Mammoth in Armadale is dishing out chocolate fondant Wagon Wheel hotcakes with strawberry marshmallow and coconut gelato. Go.

#29 It’s a croissant stuffed with soft shell crab, pickled cucumber, chipotle mayo and a fried egg. You literally can’t go wrong with it at White Mojo.

#30 Winter is only good for one thing – Mr Wednesday’s winter menu. With the Danish For Porridge, a sneaky morning combo of rolled rice porridge, spiced pear, ginger candied walnuts, burnt orange syrup and freeze-dried raspberry dust, it’s the only right start to a freezing winter morning.

#31 Kitty Burns does French Toast that will make you feel like you’ve been French-ed in happiness. Think compressed petite red apple, maple syrup whip and white chocolate ganache. Heaven.

#32 Box Hill’s golden child The Penny Drop does a potato and garlic chive waffle with poached eggs, ham, hollandaise and wakame you cannot go past.

#33 All hail the breakfast roti at Plug Nickel.  

#34 SMÄK Food House does poached tarragon free-range chicken with garlic and an almond thyme crust. It will have you flying in everyday.

#35 Bao down to the healthy(ish) bao at Fourth Chapter featuring southern fried chicken, pickled cabbage and sriracha aioli.

#36 Brunswick’s Very Good Falafel takes their name very seriously. Go for the stuffed falafel pita.

#37 Bluebonnet BBQ’s reopening in North Fitzroy this year meant the return of their to-die-for crispy lamb ribs. Warning: we don't share.  

#38 The kick-ass Mexican Drowned Eggs at El Atino & Co are the perfect soul-warming start to any winter morning!

#39 Biggie Smalls' Lamb Kebab with smoked hummus, pickled onion, herbs, leaves and garlic yoghurt is on point, fellow foodies!  

#40 Like pancakes? Om Nom’s mixed berry hotcake with passionfruit curd, maple syrup and mascarpone is one of the best.

#41 Scuttle your way into The Crux & Co for their bisque benedict with tiger prawns, poached eggs and a lobster bisque hollandaise served on squid ink toast.

#42 The humble cheeseburger from Leonard's House of Love gets our cheesy tick of approval.

#43 The molten cheese pork ribs from Oh Deer is exactly what it sounds like. Monstrous amounts of stringy cheese mixed with tender, sticky pork ribs. Um, yes?! 

#44 Lusciously creamy and light, Legacy in Camberwell sets the standard high with their passionfruit panna cotta with crushed pistachios, strawberries, grilled peach, kiwi and an orange poppy seed tuile.

#45 You can’t go wrong with Spanish tapas, but Pablo Honey’s grass fed beef tartare with salted egg yolk, smoked chilli, finger lime, coriander and cumin seed lavosh is a must.

#46 BOY & Co’s loaded Kimchi Fries with shoestring fries, kimchi, kewpie mayo, hoisin, spring onion and fried shallots is totally a meal. Right guys?

#47 We always have room for Ichi Ni’s Hotate 5 Ways - a platter of seared scallops served five ways with yuzu miso, apricot yuzu, wasabi, kogane yaki and moromi miso!

#48 Short Round lets us have sticky dark gingerbread, pistachio parfait, treacle cream and quince paste for breakfast without batting an eyelash. We love them.

#49 Higher Ground’s ricotta gnocchi with a romesco sauce and almonds is more than worth the wait.

#50 The lamb sweetbreads with hay baked carrot, sesame and yoghurt at French Saloon is the perfect Friday night treat. 

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Image credit: MJR TOM via Facebook.

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