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The Best Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Melbourne

By Ellen Seah
14th Mar 2016

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As a born ‘n bred Melburnian, and someone who loves this city all the way down to its pretentious, coffee-loving bits, I’m going to say we’re pretty weird.

We are a city where a raw, organic, clean-eating café can flourish alongside the local burger joint. We’ll line up for hours at any whiff of a freebie, but we’ll also fork out hundreds for a single dinner. We have some of the highest standards for our café interiors, but we’re fine with not fixing our actual, prominent architecture (you know which building I’m referring to).

To top it off, we’ve just discovered all the things you didn’t know you could do in Melbourne. Prepare yourselves.

BBQ On An Aqua Donut

If you need to up your picnic game we have the solution: a giant, floating, BBQ-friendly water donut. Aqua Donut lets you rent out their floatation devices, equipped with a fully-functioning barbie in the middle and Bluetooth sound system, for two hours at a time. Bring the family—but remember if you decide this actually isn’t a good idea, it’s not like you can just walk away...

Break In The Break Room

Hate your boss? Hate your job? Hate your friends? Why go to therapy when Melbourne’s Break Room is so much cheaper. We have no idea if physically crushing objects with a bat assists with a person’s stress levels (or mental health), but it sure feels better than smashing your mum’s best china (and instantly regretting all your decisions ever). Don’t be the least favourite child, go to the Break Room.  

Fight Off VR Zombies

Calling all CS, COD, Halo and Battlefield nerds. North Melbourne company Zero Latency has set up 400 square metres worth of space for you and friends to play in a virtual reality where you have to fight off (what I can only assume are) flesh-eating zombies. A free-roaming space, players use their bodies as controllers and goggles create the virtual world. #bestactivityeva?

Try Not To Throw Tantrums In An Escape Room 

The primary breaker of friendships and destroyer of families, you have limited time to solve a puzzle in Melbourne's new escape rooms. There are a few options, like Trapt and Melbourne Escape Rooms in the city,  Working in a team of two to six people (keeping in mind these people might not like you so much after you throw your third tantrum in a row), step one is choosing from three locations of varying difficulty. Step two is not freaking out.

Discover Melbourne’s Pink Lake

The saltwater lake under Melbourne’s slowest peak-hour bridge (the West Gate, if you didn’t get that), has a tendency to turn pink. The three lakes in Port Melbourne’s Westgate Park turn pink during hot weather when there is plenty of sunshine and no rain. Plans for Melbourne’s next 40 degree day are sorted—it might be a way off, but it’s worth the heat.

Explore Melbourne’s Best Hidden Tunnels

Discover Melbourne’s best-kept secrets with personalised walking tours of Melbourne. From ancient cellars to tunnel mysteries, hidden hideouts and abandoned subways, over three hours your guide will take you through 20 Melbourne places that we bet you’ve never known about.

Party in the Morning Gloryville

Who said clubs are for night-owls? Rave your way into the most fabulous day with Morning Gloryville’s morning party. Kicking off at the ripe time of 6.30am and running until 9.30am, there’s time before work for a boogie. Tickets include a morning massage, access to their smoothie bar, coffee kiosk and a glitter-filled dance floor! Who needs a morning gym sesh with parties like this?

Cat Café Melbourne

Melbourne’s catty love was in high demand before Queen Street’s Cat Café. Guest can socialise (stalk) 14 of the friendliest kitties in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Skip the flights to Japan (or the impulse cat lady buy), head to Melbourne’s Cat Café for your furry fix.

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Image credit: Aqua Donut Facebook Page

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