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The Feed | All The News You Missed This Week In Melbourne

By Chelsey Johnston
27th Jul 2018


Aaaand…it’s almost done. Bye bye, July. You were here and gone in what feels like two seconds. On the plus, that’s the gnarliest month of winter over and out of the way. We can almost smell the freshly-born lambs and spring flowers blooming. 

Here’s all the news you missed this week in Melbourne. It was a big'un.

  • Calling all Inuits—here’s your chance to cuddle up inside a Melburnian igloo. The Wharf Hotel are putting out the proper winter wonderland experience – sit in a giant glass dome, eat hot snacks and have a drink. It's happening on the banks of the Yarra right now. 
  • Red Spice Road and OzHarvest are bringing you the weirdest, wackiest and most wonderful meal you’ll have all year. Save waste and feast on a dinner made from all the food that’s normally put out in the garbage. Sounds delicious, right?
  • Bring a plant, get a juicy veggie burger for $1. Happening now at Huxtaburger in Collingwood. As in, right now. Get your freakin’ terrarium and go.
  • Iconic Fitzroy restaurant, Ryne, is now offering up 4-course Sunday roast lunches. You can expect the classic roast chook, crispy skin pork, king salmon or roast beef cheek. We might just be there every Sunday this month.
  • PSA: Fancy-pants French restaurant Bistro Guillaume has just launched a new menu, including Parisian gnocchi with ricotta and macademia cream, or Port Philllip snapper with shellfish bisque and mussels. We’re drooling RN.
  • The boy who lived! A giant Harry Potter brunch is coming to Melbourne, and we’re obsessed.
  • Buuuut that brunch is all way in Jan (boo). This coming Tuesday, why not stock up on some props and visit the new Harry Potter store?
  • A jam-packed Snow Play is coming to District Docklands every weekend, so chuck on a scarf and get ready to make some deadly snow angels. 
  • Guys, Open House Melbourne is THIS WEEKEND. Yeah, we forgot too. Get on it quick, cause we’ve rounded up the coolest places to check out.  
  • Pita paaaaaaarty!! This Sat, Northland are putting on a pita masterclass hosted by Miznon. That's a pretty big deal. If you want to make your co-workers jealous with some impressive lunches, sign the hell up. 
  • Trust us, we are riding this truffle wave for as *long* as we possibly can. Cutler & Co are hosting an upcoming five-course truffle dinner on Monday 13 August. Even the dessert (pistachio cake, blood orange marmalade and jersey milk sorbet) will be served with lashings of truffle cream.
  • We’re a sucker for a good rooftop bar. They usually get pumpin’ in the summer but, hey, what can we say—we love someone who thinks outside the box. The Duke have just unveiled their new rooftop bar, perfect for a scenic after-work bevvy (BYO scarves and coats).
  • There’s a giant fire show coming to your regular ole’ walking track, The Tan.
  • If you haven’t tried one of Master Den’s Poppu Uppu’s hot pots yet, just what are you doing with yourself? They’ve now just gone and upped the experience again: for an extra $20 buckaroos, you can get matching wine, beer and sake to go with your hotpot of choice.
  • Vegans, all the horrors of seeing your friends rip into 1am HSP’s are soon to be gone, because there’s a new dance party made just for you!

Image credit: The Wharf Hotel 

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