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The Feed | All The News You Missed This Week

By James Shackell - 26 May 2017


Melbourne moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it (we’ll stop the shameless Ferris Bueller rip right there). But let’s face it, you’d need to be some sort of social ninja to keep track of EVERYTHING going on in our sometimes ridiculous city. Every day there’s something new opening, something old closing, a new food or coffee fad so OTT that it makes blue algae lattes look like a completely reasonable phenomenon.

Well don’t stress, we’ve got a team to track this stuff for you. It’s our full-time job. Here’s all the Melbourne news you missed this week.

  • We triple-stacked our diet goals and rounded up the most OTT burgers in Melbourne.
  • Someone invented wine ice-cream and Melbourne lost its collective mind. Oh yeah, turns out we’re getting it for zero dollars too.
  • Local label Lunar & Storm announced a pop-up sale in Fitzroy...with free coffee. Alright, alright, you twisted our arm...
  • Hawthorn’s new Indian sensation, Piquancy, unveiled a snazzy new cocktail list (think spiced rum, gin, apricot brandy, pomegranate, lime juice and star anise). 
  • We worked up some Dutch courage and took to the stage to round-up Melbourne’s best open mic nights.
  • Melbourne got a new gourmet pie emporium, and it’s looking like a dinky di winner. Spag bol pie anyone?
  • We took a peek into two brand new venues. CBD Hawaiian seafood bar, Hana, and AU79, Abbotsford’s new café/bakery/patisserie/roastery/greenhouse...thing. Take our advice: you need to check out both.
  • Dandenong Market announced they’re throwing a burger orgy on Sunday to celebrate National Burger Day. There’s a year’s FREE burgers up for grabs.
  • We tucked in our napkins, popped an antacid, and rounded up Melbourne’s most ridiculous eating challenges.
  • Collingwood’s new health-bowl powerhouse Terror Twilight has officially opened its doors. We went along to see what all the fuss was about.
  • Messina Gelato teamed up with Twin Peaks to recreate the iconic Double R Diner. Pay attention kids–THAT’S how you do marketing.
  • Our weekend schedule got chockas in a hurry, what with Barkly Barks and a mulled wine and hot cheese festival popping up on the same day.
  • Christy Tania’s ‘floating ice cream’ (yes the one from TV) was unleashed at the Prahran Market. You can still catch it if you hurry.
  • Made-to-order milk and cookies are now a thing. Just pick your cookie dough, choose your milk, and soak up the nostalgia. 

Oh yeah, one more thing: we found out where you can get FREE BURGERS this weekend...and eat them while watching a movie.

Image credit: Griffin Simm | Hana

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