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The Golden Gaytime Sanga Is Here!

By Simone Jovel
25th Oct 2017

golden gaytime sanga

In news that sent The Urban List office into a state of excitement that can only be compared to a lollied up 5 year-old who's found the secret stash of red cordial—Golden Gaytime Sangas are here!

Yes team, this is as glorious as it sounds. Some might say revolutionary, we’ll just say damn delicious. It’s “see ya, bye!” to the stick, and “oh this feels nice” to the new and improved ergonomic design (yes, we’re still talking about an ice-cream), complete with improved crumb technology (we know, stick with us), and the addition of not one but two soft golden biscuit pieces for maximum deliciousness.

Essentially they’ve combined our two great loves, ice cream and sandwiches, and for that we’ll be forever grateful.

The Golden Gaytime Sanga is on sale nationwide.

Image credit: Streets

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