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Join An Inflatable Regatta Down The Yarra

By Sophie Teague
5th Feb 2016

inflatable regatta melbourne

We can already hear that soft sound of the Yarra River’s h20 lapping underneath our inflatable boats. *Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh*... or is it *glug, glug, glug*? Fine then, you can come up with your own water sounds, guys! Back to the point…

Melbourne Water has made all of our childhood dreams come true at once. After a non-starter last year due to a last-minute shut-down by authorities, the Yarra River Inflatable Regatta is back on 27 February - and it’s bigger and better than ever.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what we’re talking about, the Inflatable Regatta is a 500+ participant strong boat ride that runs between Richmond and Hawthorn on the Yarra River. At approximately 2km in distance, you should make the trip in 2 hours organisers have told us - however, this may require a little oar-work on your part.

Of course, safety comes first - and St John’s Ambulance will be there on the day, as well as pontoons to help paddlers climb out of the river.

Your only decision left at this point is whether to ride solo, Jason Derulo style, or snuggle up in a 2-person inflatable. A single boat costs $60 and a double boat costs $110 – and each ticket provides you with a blow-up boat and oars, plus some essential boat travelling paraphernalia. This includes a plastic bag for you to scoop up any troublesome Yarra rubbish that you see along the way because #environmentallyfriendly.

There’s only one rule for this one; have fun! Oh wait; there are actually a couple more rules:

1. No alcohol on the boat, peeps – there’ll be food and drink once you get off your little tugger at the end of the relaxing ride.
2. You must wear a life jacket, which is not a problem because we all look smokin’ in those puffy yellow vests. 
3. Our own personal rule: just don’t drink the water. Otherwise you may end up Lisa-Simpson-style, crying, ‘I am the lizard queen’.

Now, that’s a paddlin’.

The Inflatable Regatta is on 27 February. To purchase tickets or to find out more, click hereAre you feeling the Melbourne event buzz? Check out our list on 20 Free Things To Do In Melbourne This February.

Image credit: Jon Webb via Flickr

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