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By Millie Lester
17th Jan 2017

Let’s get one thing straight—Melbourne knows burgers, but more specifically; The Urban List knows Melbourne burgers, so when a new burger joint pops up on our city’s food scene (i.e. The Fish & Burger Co.), the bat signal goes off and we are onto those meaty bread packages like starving moths to an exposed bonfire.

Locally owned and operated, and located slap-bang in the heart of Doncaster, The Fish & Burger Co. is a relatively new player to the burg-league, having only been kicking ass and taking names in the game for the past 18 months. We know that to a lot of city-slicking foodies, anything further than Brunswick East is considered ‘the bush’, however, Google Maps says it’s only a half hour drive from the CBD so, y’know, GTFO and GAFU (get a f*king fast Uber).

Before we’d even crossed that threshold of this specialty seafood and burger restaurant, we’d obviously given them a rigorous stalking sesh on Insta, which concluded with a resounding “I loik what I soi” (@thefishandburgerco, look  ‘em up). So to say that we were excited to be invited in to taste test a handful of their new menu items would be our first understatement of the year (lol, HNY).

When you first arrive at The Fish & Burger Co., you’re met with a clean-cut chic décor of exposed brick, polished concrete floors, subway tiles and strategically placed flora, which in Melbourne speak is, “they’ve bloody nailed it”. Composed of several custom-made long polished timber tables and surrounding bench tops, some could say the space isn’t huge, but wake up Jeff, this isn’t McDonalds.

Once you’ve taken a seat, it then becomes a trauma-induced flashback to ‘Sophie’s Choice’ as, like Meryl Streep (God bless her), you’re forced to choose between dishes such as the Hey Hombre burger with a beef brisket patty, jalapeños, cheddar and bacon, or the DFC burg with panko fried chicken, cheddar, pickles, slaw and Spanish onion. Or maybe you’re feeling like grilled Blue Grenadier seasoned in a unique blend of herbs and spices. Or the Forbidden Grain Salad with black barley, roasted almonds, toasted seeds, aromatic herbs, pomegranate jewels and spiced Greek yoghurt. And do you want Waffle Fries, Grilled Pesto Tiger Prawn Skewers or Crispy Onion Rings with that? (YAS, STOP TALKING AND BRING IT ALL, SIR).

In terms of dranks, the venue stocks its very own Signature Lager, Pale Ale, Apple Cider and Pear cider, all brewed and bottled in Victoria (~fancy~), as well as the option of a hawt cup of cawffee from Toby’s Estate. But in terms of dranks to really write home about, The Fish & Burger Co. offer up a rotating selection of ‘Super Shakes’, which are basically children’s birthday cakes in a cup (you’re welcome, Melbourne).

Easily the show-stealer of the night, however, was the new Mac Daddy burger. The daddy of all burgers features a beef brisket patty, American cheddar, bacon, mac & cheese croquette (YASSS), Spanish onions, pickles, mustard aioli and chipotle mayo, all the size of a basketball (pretty much) and all completely finishable (if you doggy-bag the other half of it and eat it in the car on the way home). Wash that down with a Rocky Road Super Shake jam-packed with ice cream, strawberry topping and enough chunks of rocky road to feed a family of four, and you’ve got yourself a night in heaven (literally, it’ll give you a heart attack.

Not only does The Fish & Burger Co. get a big tick from us for its drool-worthy food, but also for their environment sustainability practices, because there’s nothing sexier than a focus on sourcing certified sustainable products. You can sleep easy knowing their seafood is sourced from local merchants Ocean Made Seafood, their burgers are made from Australian farmed and grass-fed livestock, as well as free range chickens, their salads are made using produce from Tunstall Fresh Fruit & Veg, and their chips are cooked using 100% cholesterol free and vegan friendly oil.

The contemporary space is not only a great place to have a solo-burg, or a burg with friends, but it can also be a great place for work meetings, birthdays or even wedding receptions, quite frankly we’ll take an excuse to go back, because if there’s anything that justifies a drive to Doncaster East, it’s this bad boy.

Put The Fish & Burger Co. on the top of your 'Must-Burg' list toot sweet because we unashamedly and highly recommend the Mac Daddy Burger (with a mac & cheese croquette, don’t forget), Rocky Road shake and thick cut herb chips (sweet Jeezuz). And then we recommend probably doing about 85 minutes of cardio afterwards.

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Image credit: Provided, by Nick Styles for True Tribe

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