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Be Woke | There’s A Hot New Set Of Political Shows Headed Our Way

By Chloe Sputore
2nd Jul 2018

With all of the crazy sh*t that’s been going down on the daily, it’s more important than ever to stay woke these days. So we’ve teamed up with the extremely aware crew from MLIVE to give you the low-down on a set of unmissable political theatre shows going down in Melbourne this winter.

MLIVE is a year-long music, theatre and dance program freshly unveiled by the Monash Academy of Performing Arts. And yes, it’s woke AF, open-minded and highlights diversity—we love it!

Here are our top picks and nab tickets here before they all sell out.

The Season

“Families are like seasons: you don’t get to pick them, and when they show up you best be ready.” Well, ain’t that the truth?! The Season, an Indigenous play which premiered at the Sydney Opera House in 2017, lets you crash a family holiday like no other, with a mob called the Duncans on Dog Island. Will Pop lose his temper? Definitely. Will it be funny? Most certainly. Will someone stick their nose in where it doesn’t belong? You’ll just have to watch it to find out. Ahh family politics, gotta love it! Grab tickets here. 

Generation Jeans

The idea of selling blue jeans and vinyl rock albums on the black market might sound silly to you, but that was the reality for Belarusian journalist Nicolai Khalezin and human rights activist Natalia Kaliada who founded the underground Belarus Free Theatre in 2005. The candid, solo performance explores what life was like in the Soviet era—hint: dodging KGB agents, dealing with police brutality and never giving up on freedom. See you there.


Described as powerful, deeply affecting and moving, the synopsis for Elegy alone will give you chills. Another solo act, this political play is performed by Gareth Reeves, whose character is experiencing life as a gay man in the Middle East. Fleeing from a country where gay men are thrown from tall buildings in horrific executions to a country filled with hostility and apathy for refugees, Elegy is a wake-up call for western audiences. Tickets are available here.

Today’s your lucky day! MLIVE is giving away a double pass to each of these shows, click here to enter and stay woke, people.

Editor's note: this article was produced in partnership with MLIVE. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. To read more about our editorial policy, click here

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