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There’s A Floating Bar Popping Up On The Yarra This Summer

By James Shackell
3rd Nov 2017


Yeah buoy! The news just came in: Arbory’s epic floating bar is popping back on the Yarra this summer. But this time bigger, larger and more massive. In that order.

If you missed it last time, Arbory Afloat is basically a bobbing pontoon, stationed at Flinders Landing (right in front of Arbory). They first tried it back in 2015, and Melbourne pretty much lost its collective sh*t. This year’s pontoon is going to be 50m long, with capacity for 407 very thirsty guests.

This time around, the designers have also taken inspo from Mediterranean beach clubs, which means the pontoon will be decked out in Klein Blue and white. Up one end will be a restaurant and function space, then at the other you’ll have a central bar with banquette seating and perimeter ledges. Cocktails galore are a given. 

The menu and drinks specials are dropping next week, but in the meantime, the knowledge that a giant floating megabar is on its way should keep you buzzing nicely.

As you were. 

The Details

Where: Flinders Landing
When: 15 November till February 2018.
For more info, click here

Heard the news? You can now get an Uber helicopter to the Melbourne Cup. Yep, really. 

Image credit: Arbory

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