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There’s a Mulled Wine & Cheese Party On This Weekend

By James Shackell
23rd May 2017


There are only two things people really ‘mull’: wine and complex ideas. This weekend is all about the first one, with Welcome to Thornbury set to get all Dickensian on your ass with Melbourne’s first EVER Mulled Wine and Hot Cheese Party. We’re talking cinnamon, star anise, those old-school pyjama hats with the tassel—the whole shebang.

From midday on Saturday your favourite food truck park will be packed to the brim with bubbling wine cauldrons and elaborate cheese dishes. The Cheese Rebels are doing a haloumi sausage (what wizardry is this?!), there’ll be fondue from Frencheese and OTT cheesesteaks from Sparrow’s, plus Mr Burger are planning to unleash an exclusive ‘raclette burger’. That sounds all kinds of ridiculous. 

The guys behind the bar will be slinging goblets of mulled wine all day long (they might be plastic cups, but we’re gonna call them goblets), and there’s a full bar if your tastes don’t run to orange peel and cloves. Entry is FREE and the wine will be flowing until 11pm. Make it so. 

The Details

Where: Welcome To Thornbury
When: 12pm – 11pm, Saturday 27 May
For more info, click here.

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Image credit: Pixel Stories

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