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This Dessert Cafe Is Doing Made-To-Order Milk & Cookies

By Millie Lester
21st May 2017


Heaven is officially on earth (in fact it’s only a block away from Chapel Street in South Yarra) and it’s dishing up fresh, made-to-order cookies straight from the oven, served with a miniature bottle of chilled milk (STAHP).

To begin with, this ain’t no Subway myth where the cookies get zapped in the microwave for fifteen seconds before serving either. Nuh-uh. At the Proof Is In The Pudding Baker’s Bench, the cookies get made, baked and prepared right in front of your #foodporn telescopes (...eyes).

But it doesn’t stop there. First, you have to CHOOSE your cookie dough, because there’s more than one delicious flavour. There’s Classic Choc Chip, Spiced Gingerbread, Nutella Stuffed Red Velvet, or Galaxy Cookies (which have pieces of Mars Bar through them!!). The daily flavours rotate, so we can’t promise they’ll all be there when you drag yourself off the couch and Uber there in twenty minutes. What we can promise is that they’re all bloody delicious.

Once you’ve got your dough sorted, the cookies will be cut and popped in the oven, which is where you can then kick back with a cup of tea (or one of their famous hot choccies) and watch those bad boys bake. The only thing left to do is give them a red hot dunk in some fresh chilled milk (cow, almond or soy—there’s a variety for all intolerances). At only $9, this is a helluva time to be alive, even for vegans.

You can check out the rest of the Baker’s Bench menu at Proof Is In The Pudding here.

Image credit: Proof Is In The Pudding

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