Three’s A Trend | OTT Fried Food

By Sophie Colvin
24th Jun 2016

We keep our finger on Melbourne’s foodie pulse and we’ve been noticing the rise of weird and wacky fried foods. I’m not talking regular stuff like chicken and fries, I’m talking things that most people wouldn’t dream of chucking in the deep fryer.

We take no responsibility for your cardiovascular health, but here are three of our favourites.

Fried Burgers | Cafe 51

Look, we’re as much of a fan of fried food as the next bloke, but this little gem really is taking it next level. Picture this: Your favourite burger, in this case a a double beef patty number, moulded together and stuffed with double American cheddar, bacon, tomato sauce and American mustard. Now take that whole, burger, bun and all, double batter it and wack it in the deep fryer. And voila, you have the MILF (Man I Love Fried) burger from Cafe 51. You can thank us later.

Deep Fried Calzone | FIGO

Pizza and fried food generally full under the same banner of comfort food, so when you can enjoy them both in one, mouth-watering dish, you know you’re on to a winner. Elwood’s newest Italian find, FIGO, is dishing up deep fried calzone. It’s called Panzerotto Fritto, which is basically two deep fried mini calzones, filled with proscuitto, mozarella, tomato and basil. All your fried dreams are coming true!

Fried Okra | The Beaufort

Because any form of vegetable is best when it’s fried, the good folk at The Beaufort decided to take one for the team and started serving fried okra. The exotic vegetable is crispy battered and fried and comes with a finger lickin’ house dipping sauce, making it the perfect beer snack.

Image credit: Figo

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